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Alternative to Pandadoc for proposals

In 2021, are we still relying on PDFs to wow our buyers? It's time to create exceptional buyer experiences that make the purchase process interactive, faster and more enjoyable.

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Create interactive web experiences that convert buyers

PandaDoc's online PDFs are limited as they function like a PDF — which was invented in 1991 and hasn't changed much since. Qwilr pages are web-first — they look and function better, which is going to impress your buyers and get you better results.


Share proposals as responsive webpages

PandaDoc's documents are not mobile-responsive — in fact they are quite slow and essentially non-functional on mobile. With 40% of first page views happen on mobile, this is a huge limiter. Everything you create in Qwilr is mobile responsive due to the software being web-first.

Make every proposal engaging with embeddable content

With PandaDoc, you can't embed any content other than video. Qwilr enriches the buyer experience with embedded Google Maps, videos, Loom's, forms, Google Sheets and more.


Switch to Qwilr for the fastest ROI

PandaDoc's ease of use and branding controls are limited, which is why it takes almost 9 months to see a ROI. Customers rate Qwilr higher on ease of setup and customization, making us the fastest ROI in the market. It's so easy to pick up that 80% of our customers self-onboard without ever contacting us.

Integrate with your favorite tools

Qwilr integrates with the leading CRM, sales and accounting software, like HubSpot, Salesforce, and Xero.

Automatically create personalized documents from your CRM, generate invoices for your finance team, get a Slack notification when your page has been viewed, and more.


Why companies ♥ qwilr

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"Qwilr makes it easy to present seamless and elegant proposals to key decision makers. The templates are easy-to-use and intuitive and the customer service is helpful and friendly. It's also straightforward to scale across the organisation using Qwilr.
Jessica Chan

Jessica Chan, Meltwater

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"Simple, stylish and easy to use. Using Qwilr means I don’t have to get a designer to create proposal that looks good. The individual content blocks that can be templated and swapped between proposals create the right balance between speed and customisation"
Marcel G

Marcel Gemperle, Bapple

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"Professional looking documents are easy to create with Qwilr, even if you’re not a designer. I have sent project proposals to key decision makers with a perfectly created document by Qwilr and they have been always been impressed"
Praveen Rajan

Praveen Rajan, Accenture

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