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8 design shortcuts for visually impressive documents

Designing great presentations can be hard, high pressure work. Whether I’m designing for an internal presentation to people I know, a pitch deck for Founders to pitch to VCs, or even to design a winning grant proposal for Bill Gates, the challenge is always the same—how can I design this so the presenter’s message so…

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How to attract leads with marketing when you’re not a marketer

66% of small business owners say that attracting leads or finding new clients is a top concern. So, of course attracting a loyal, engaged audience is high on your business bucket list. But, as a small business owner or freelancer, you’re tired, tight on time and lacking in resources. You’re the accountant, the salesperson, the…

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The beginner’s guide to creating an event sponsorship plan

Getting the right sponsors to join forces with you for your conference can make a big impact on the success of your event. It’s a guaranteed revenue source, and if you partner with relevant companies, the relationship will also provide added value to attendees. To do this well, take the time to create personalized packages…

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The basic steps for a successful event marketing plan

You’ve chosen a venue, booked the speakers, and locked in a date for your big event. You’ve selected which snacks and meals you’re serving (because, let’s be real, we all remember what the food was like). You’re starting to wonder which talk people will love the most, and maybe a little anxious about making sure…

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The bookmarkable guide on writing case studies

A case study is the story of where your client was before they found you, how they used your services, and how it improved their business because of it. They aren’t just a bunch of logos and metrics—they’re real stories that can help you find more leads, and get you across the line. In today’s…

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