Comparing Qwilr to HubSpot Quotes

Qwilr is the go-to platform for modern sales teams that require quote customization and advanced options, all without sacrificing the convenience of creating quotes in HubSpot directly.

Why Qwilr outshines HubSpot Quotes

Qwilr is purpose-built to help sales teams stand out with interactive and engaging proposals.

Basic quotes don’t compel buyers to take action

Engage your prospects with on-brand, interactive quotes and pricing that drive buyers to purchase.

A full sales cycle solution

Qwilr is more than a quoting tool – it’s a versatile platform that supports all your sales content needs. One home for proposals, quotes, contracts, marketing materials and more.

Drive sales effectiveness with document analytics

HubSpot Quotes offers basic reporting. With Qwilr, you get detailed analytics that reveal buyer engagement levels, allowing for timely and informed follow-up.

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What’s the difference?

Modern sales teams graduate from HubSpot Quotes to Qwilr for its ability to deliver an engaging buyer experience.

Feature comparison
Hubspot Quotes
Document analytics
HubSpot automation
Document branding
Proposal customization
Detailed analytics
Flexible pricing tables
Engagement notifications
Embed ROI calculators
Embed interactive content

Discover why teams prefer Qwilr over HubSpot Quotes

From simple quotes to comprehensive proposals

While HubSpot Quotes is good for generating basic quotes, Qwilr allows you to craft personalized quotes and proposals that build buyer confidence. Easily embed video walkthroughs, ROI calculators, custom pricing tables and more.

Automate the creation of sales material by pulling in contact details, pricing data and other variables from your CRM.

Spend more time selling with proposal automation

Qwilr allows you to automate proposal generation directly in HubSpot, saving reps precious time while ensuring every proposal, quote, and contract is tailored to the buyer.

Use Qwilr's simple editor and templates to create a rich web-based content experience for your buyers.

Analytics that help you close more deals

Gain insights into how prospects are engaging with your quotes and sales assets – not just when they view them, as with HubSpot Quotes, but how they engage with each section and when your champion has shared on your quote with their team.

Access detailed breakdowns of where in your Qwilr page buyers are focusing their attention.

Streamline your buyers' decision-making process

Provide buyers with an intuitive experience where they can digest plan options, select add-ons, sign, and pay through a single online page, far surpassing the functionality of HubSpot Quotes.

As a seller, know when your Qwilr page has been viewed, signed and accepted by your buyer.

We have helped thousands of businesses migrate to Qwilr

Setting up with Qwilr is straightforward and hassle-free. Our onboarding training, design services, and additional resources will set you up for success.

The proof is in the results

Brands like Meltwater, SiteMinder, and Thomson Reuters are using Qwilr to impress buyers, speed up sales cycles, and reduce sales admin work with an interactive and personalized space for every buyer.

500+ 5-star G2 reviews

Win rate


Increase in win rates with Qwilr.



To see a full payback.

Time saved


Reduction in time to close deals.


Reduction in time spent creating sales materials.

Hear from customers who chose us

Qwilr customer Neil de Jesus, Director of Business Development at Resi
“We selected Qwilr after looking at HubSpot’s native quote tool as well as PandaDoc and nothing gave us the ability to customize and create a quality quote that is in line with the quality and professionalism of the product we offer until we came across Qwilr. Qwilr also had the faster page load speed, looked amazing on mobile, and had the simplest signature process that met our legal requirements.”
Neil de Jesus
Director of Business Development
Qwilr customer Robert Brooks, VP of Sales at Lambda
“I love the live link. It’s been really helpful to be able to make changes on the fly and not have to resend a bunch of documents. It’s a much better customer experience than someone needing to look through multiple versions to find the most current one.”
Robert Brooks
VP, Sales
Qwilr customer Amy DeCicco, Sr. Vice President of Marketing at ExtensisHR
“Sometimes, we’re not even able to get in the room. Our proposal has to be the representation of the salesperson and have all the information a customer needs because our product is complex.”
Amy DeCicco
Sr. Vice President, Marketing
Qwilr customer Xiaohui Wong, Founder at Essence of Email
Essence of EmailEssence of Email
“On a functional level, we really appreciate how Qwilr allows us to password protect and digitally sign our proposals to improve privacy and security with clients. Also, the ability to track page views on live proposals has helped us better focus our time and efforts on pursuing quality leads.”
Xiaohui Wong
Qwilr customer Blake Ziolowski, Sales Manager at LaunchNotes
“We’re seeing deals close a lot faster while also adding a level of professionalism and enjoying powerful insights. None of these things we were getting through the use of PDFs and e-signature software alone.”
Blake Ziolowski
Sales Manager

Loved by 4,000+ customers

What people are saying about Qwilr on G2:

Completely transformed my sales and proposal process!

“I love how easy it is to create an interactive, immersive, and fast-loading proposal page that is geared and aimed at maximising conversions.”

Nathan C.

Transformed our quotations!

“I love how visually appealing Qwilr is in regards to the proposals we send our clients. We've had really positive feedback, even from people very high up at Apple.”

Luke T.

Proposal generation that's easy and beautiful

“Consistent appearance of the documents we create with Qwilr means that our proposals always look good and feel like us. The extensive library functions make it possible to reuse content easily and save time.”

Spencer K.

Favorite Sales Tool!

“There is so much that I can do with Qwilr. We've been able to build several sales templates and then depending on the needs of our clients, choose the right template which means that we can speed up our sales process.”

Benji S.

Game Changer for Our Business

“We're solving the problem of dead quotes that lose momentum with Qwilr. We leverage the ability to see times quotes have been viewed quite a bit.”

Hunter T.

Qwilr has changed the way we sell.

“Qwilr pages are beautiful & simple, and they set us apart from the competition. They are much easier to edit than other proposal services out there — meaning we can send more quotes in a shorter period of time.”

Adam M.