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Choose the right Qwilr plan for you

Start with a 14-day trial of our Business plan to experience the best of Qwilr. No credit cards or contracts.

Pay monthly
$75 USD per month
3 users included. Billed monthly.
For teams collaborating and doing business at scale
$490 USD per month
10 users included. Billed annually.
For large teams and organizations who need enterprise features & support
Pay yearly

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Choose the right Qwilr plan for you

Experience the best of Qwilr with our free 14-day Business plan trial

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Qwilr Page?

Qwilr makes it easy for you to quickly create polished, professional documents that impress your clients and streamline your work. We call these documents Qwilr Pages.

How does the 14-day trial of the Business plan work and what happens when it expires?

When you sign up to Qwilr, you’ll immediately get a free 14-day trial of our Business plan without contract or need credit card details. Before your trial ends, you can choose to continue on the Business plan or choose another option. Once the trial expires, your Qwilr Pages will still be live, but you will no longer have access to your account.

Can I change the number of users?

You can add or remove users anytime. When you update the number of users, your bill will immediately be charged or credited as needed. Keep in mind that your base subscription to our Business plan comes with 3 included users, and our Enterprise plan comes with 10. If you reduce the number of users below those levels, you'll still be billed for the base subscription.

Is your pricing in USD?

Yes. All pricing is in USD.

Can I cancel my plan?

You can cancel your plan anytime. If you decide to cancel, your Qwilr Pages will be turned off, and you’ll will no longer have access to your account.

How does annual pricing work?

Get discounted annual pricing on our Business plan by paying upfront for a full 12 months of Qwilr. Our Business plan costs $66 per month when billed annually or $75 per month when billed monthly.

Are any fees payable in relation to the payments feature?

Stripe is our payments integration partner, and they deduct a transaction fee on payments accepted through your Qwilr Pages. Typically, this is no more than a few percentage points.

Are my Qwilr Pages still secure without access to 'security options'?

Yes, all Qwilr Page URLs are secret links that contain randomly and automatically generated strings—technology that Dropbox, Google and others use to ensure that the page can only be viewed by those with whom the link is shared. Qwilr also secures access to your pages throughout our infrastructure. The ‘security options’ available on some of paid plans offer additional security through specific tools, like passwords, time limits and view limits.

Do you have any discounts for students or non-profits?

Yes! Get in touch, and we'll help you out.

I have more questions.

Feel free to check out our Help Center for more answers!

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