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HubSpot + Qwilr

Integrate Qwilr with HubSpot to create a process that’s fast, easy-to-adopt and loved by all.

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“We love the integration with HubSpot—the speed at which we were able to create proposals and reduce friction in our sales process is priceless.”





Edit and send straight from HubSpot

Create and send impressive mobile responsive proposals straight to your contacts without ever leaving HubSpot.

Create intelligent proposals and quotes instantly in HubSpot

Automate proposals and documents using your Contact, Company and Deal records.


Set up your brand once, and it’ll update everywhere

Ensure consistency across all of your documents by setting up your colors, fonts and templates so your team is always on brand.

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Upsell with interactive pricing

Use our Quote Block to give your clients a quote that’s flexible, interactive and adaptable to their needs.

  • quote packages

    Let your client interact with your pricing. Set up your quote as single select, multiple choice or combined package options.

  • optional line items

    Give them the option to choose the services or products they want, and give your business the opportunity to upsell.

  • conditional pricing

    Show the prices for different quantities in an interactive and slick format.


Streamline your sales process

Remove the hassle for clients, and start working and earning faster. Integrate with CRMs, accounting tools and more.

  • Personalized Accept

    Personalize the flow by adding prefilled names, for multiple clients, so they know exactly where to sign

  • Faster Sign Off

    Avoid the hassle of printing, scanning and emailing. Add e-sign and reduce your turnaround time by up to 80%

  • Inbuilt Payments

    Accept optional deposits of full payments on any device by integrating Stripe


Serious about security

Protect your document with passwords, time limits and view limits. Accidentally sent out a typo, or shared with the wrong person? Switch your page back to draft quickly and easily.


Frequently asked questions

Qwilr customers can create proposals directly from their Hubspot CRM with a Qwilr Business or Enterprise plan. Once templates are created, details from Contact, Company, and Deal records can automatically be pulled in to personalize proposals at scale.

Proposals created with Qwilr using the Hubspot integration are completely mobile responsive. Qwilr proposals are created as online pages, instead of a PDF. You can create thousands of proposals or sales materials with Qwilr, knowing they will work on any screen resolution.

Proposals created with Qwilr using the Hubspot integration are completely interactive. Add dynamic pricing, Calendly links, videos, images, animations, an interactive ROI calculator and more - all with Qwilr's proposal software.

Qwilr proposals generated through the Hubspot integration have the ability to capture digital e-signatures. Collect one or multiple signatures to accelerate deals and capture details from your customers. Qwilr e-signatures support legally-binding documents.

Join the thousands of teams building better docs with Qwilr.


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Hubspot's CRM is free, easy to use, and you'll love the integration with Qwilr!