Know when every proposal gets opened with Qwilr

Leave PDF proposals and quotes in the past and impress buyers with interactive sales proposals that are online, trackable, and powered by automation.

The PDF vs. Qwilr

The PDF was invented in 1993. There’s not many tools today you would still use 30 years later. Today’s sellers need a better tool to engage buyers. When buyers are pitting you against several vendors, Qwilr is the way to stand out, or at least know which deals are valuable to go after.

Explore how different your sales process can be by ditching the PDF.

Creating and designing proposals


Creating sales proposals is a lengthy process, requiring design resources and lots of different tools. By the time you pull the proposal together, the prospect has likely chatted to 3-4 other vendors.


With Qwilr, you set up your brand, upload assets, and create templates to ensure branding is applied every time. All in the one tool. Then proposals take just a few clicks to get out.

Sending proposals


Sending a PDF as an email attachment is a sure way to make sure it gets lost in inboxes.


Send one URL via email and update whenever you need. Then get notified when it’s opened.

Making updates and changes


Update the file and resend it as an attachment, meaning there are now multiple versions of the same doc.


Updates can be made and viewed as you make them, without needing to send another link.

Track documents with analytics & notifications


None. That attachment has long been lost in the black hole of the internet.


Get analytics on when your proposal is viewed, how long they look at it, when they return, and what they look at.

Speed things up with automation




Automatically generate documents using customer CRM data. Trigger notifications when a proposal is viewed, signed, or another action that's meaningful to you.

Keeping documents secure


Password protection only and no control after it’s been sent.


Set permissions for who can view your proposal, how many times they can view it, set an expiry date, limit it to a specific domain, and more.

Showing off your brand and services


Nothing moves. Static images, text, and hyperlink.


Embed videos, files, images, interactive pricing, and ROI calculators to bring information to life.

 Loved by 4000+ customers

Transformed our quotations!

“I love how visually appealing Qwilr is in regards to the proposals we send our clients. We've had really positive feedback, even from people very high up at Apple.”

Luke T.

Proposal generation that's easy and beautiful

“Consistent appearance of the documents we create with Qwilr means that our proposals always look good and feel like us. The extensive library functions make it possible to reuse content easily and save time.”

Spencer K.

Favorite Sales Tool!

“There is so much that I can do with Qwilr. We've been able to build several sales templates and then depending on the needs of our clients, choose the right template which means that we can speed up our sales process.”

Benji S.

Easy to use and creates impressive proposals.

“Qwilr does a great job. It's easy to use, produces great-looking proposal documents, integrates with HubSpot and provides a digital record that the client has accepted. Best of all, unlike the rest that I've used, the PDFs that it produces look brilliant too.”

Verified User

Game Changer for Our Business

“We're solving the problem of dead quotes that lose momentum with Qwilr. We leverage the ability to see times quotes have been viewed quite a bit.”

Hunter T.

Qwilr has changed the way we sell.

“Qwilr pages are beautiful & simple, and they set us apart from the competition. They are much easier to edit than other proposal services out there — meaning we can send more quotes in a shorter period of time.”

Adam M.