Qwilr + Slack

Keep your team in the know by receiving automatic updates for when your pages are viewed, accepted and more, all within Slack.

Integrate Qwilr with Slack

Stay on top of every deal

Automate page notifications to improve your team’s workflow

Step one

Manage your workflow with automatic page updates in Slack

Save time by removing the manual task of checking a deal’s progress by setting up automatic updates in a dedicated Slack channel.

Get notified in Slack when your Qwilr proposal has been signed
Step two

Get notified for what matters most

Customize your preferences to determine what notifications are important to your team.

Receive Slack notifications when your Qwilr page is created, viewed and signed

Get started with Slack

Visit our help documentation to connect your Slack account to Qwilr and start receiving automatic updates.

Visit how-to guide