Qwilr + Zapier

Eliminate manual tasks and automate your sales process with Qwilr and Zapier.

Integrate Qwilr with Zapier

Streamline your sales process end-to-end

Automate your workflow and spend more time on higher value sales activities

Step one

Create personalized sales material in one-click from Zapier

Shorten the time it takes to create sales material. Qwilr’s ready-made templates let sales reps generate pages instantly from Zapier. Reps can drag and drop content for quick customization from a library of content blocks that catch your buyer’s attention.

Create re-usable content you can drag and drop
Step two

Trigger a Zap when a prospect performs an important event

Select your trigger app and customize your sales process. Add filters, delays, paths and more to create advanced workflows.

Create advanced workflows using the Qwilr integration for Zapier
Step three

Stay on top of a deal’s progress with instant notifications

Get instant notifications when pages are viewed or accepted by connecting Zapier with your messenger app of choice.

Use Zapier to receive notifications about important events, such as when your Qwilr page is created, viewed and signed

Do more with Zapier

Project management

Automatically create new projects and clients when a proposal is accepted.

Time tracking

Add a new client to your time tracking tool when a proposal is accepted.


Add or update records in your CRM when a proposal is accepted.

Email marketing

Add people to your email lists when they accept your proposal.


Create new customer records in your accounting tool upon proposal acceptance.

Additional features

Send customer & proposal data to over 700 apps, including spreadsheets, file storage, and more.

Get started with Zapier

Visit our help documentation to connect your Zapier account to Qwilr and start automating personalized sales material.

Visit how-to guide
Integrate Qwilr with Zapier