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Automate your workflow

Build customised sales processes and workflows that meet your specific business requirements with Zapier.

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Instantly create proposals with data from other apps

Create personalized proposals by sending data from other applications into Qwilr.

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Form Tools

Create personalized proposals when prospects complete forms.

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Create personalized proposals from data entered into spreadsheets.

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Create personalized proposals and pages when someone registers for an event.

Get view notifications where you need them

Get notified when your proposals are viewed by sending notifications into Slack, Microsoft Teams, Chatter, Yammer and more.

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Automate your post-acceptance workflow

Get on with the job faster by automating the manual tasks you need to complete after a proposal is signed.

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Project Management

Automatically create new projects and clients when a proposal is accepted

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Time Tracking

Add a new client to your time tracking tool when a proposal is accepted

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Add or update records in your CRM when a proposal is accepted

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Email Marketing

Add people to your email lists when they accept your proposal

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Create new customer records in your accounting tool upon proposal acceptance

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Send customer & proposal data to over 700 apps, including spreadsshets, file storage, and more.

Get clever with it

Add Filters, Delays, Paths & more to create advanced workflows. Only run Zaps when certain conditions are met or do different things based on different data.


Within 10 minutes I had already built a proposal. Anyone can create an amazing proposal without spending time designing (or without any knowledge about design).

Strategy Manager, ADman Media

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