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Current Roles

Qwilr is on the hunt for special minds.

Product Team

Software Engineer
Help us solve challenging problems.

We see great engineering as the reduction of complex things into simple things. These initial complexities might include code, abstractions, systems, architecture or infrastructure. We believe this approach, searching for simplicity in complex things, lies at the heart of problem solving.

Product Team

Front End Engineer (AKA Maker)
A product person with a marketing focus

A Maker expresses their taste and love for product by coding front ends and user interfaces. They have taste for design and chops for code.

What we believe

What we believe.

We play the game in a way that makes us proud.


What we believe in and how we run our company.

Why Qwilr Exists
Why Qwilr Exists

Our vision for the future. Why we exist as a company and a product.

Making Mistakes
Making Mistakes

How we take initiative while balancing risk and reward.


Qwilr Team

We've built a world class team of thinkers and doers.

Dylan Baskind - CEO & Co-Founder Dylan Baskind - CEO & Co-Founder

CEO & Co-Founder

Dylan Baskind
Mark Tanner - COO & Co-Founder Mark Tanner - COO & Co-Founder

COO & Co-Founder

Mark Tanner
Ben Lambert-Smith - Engineering Ben Lambert-Smith - Engineering


Ben Lambert-Smith
Mark Srour - Strategy Mark Srour - Strategy


Mark Srour
James Blick - Sales James Blick - Sales


James Blick
Santiago Cura - Marketing Santiago Cura - Marketing


Santiago Cura
Mike Nam Lee - Engineering Mike Nam Lee - Engineering


Mike Nam Lee
Vishesh Singhal - Engineering Vishesh Singhal - Engineering


Vishesh Singhal
Diana Potter - Customer Support Diana Potter - Customer Support

Customer Support

Diana Potter
Jai Chopra - Engineering Jai Chopra - Engineering


Jai Chopra
Som Guan - Engineering Som Guan - Engineering


Som Guan
Dominic Sebastian - Design Dominic Sebastian - Design


Dominic Sebastian
Jomar Gomez - Sales Jomar Gomez - Sales


Jomar Gomez
Anne Marie Hofmann - Sales Anne Marie Hofmann - Sales


Anne Marie Hofmann