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Create personalized proposals in Zoho.

Speed up your sales cycle by creating beautiful, personalized proposals with only a few clicks in Zoho.

Zoho Hero@2x

Build a beautiful proposal template

Get started by creating a beautiful proposal template. Add video, images, text, interactive pricing, embeddable content, and more!


Create personalized proposals in one-click

Create personalized proposals that pull in deal variables from Zoho with the click of a button.

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Standard Objects

Qwilr can pull data from the Contact, Account, Leads, Quotes, or Deal object.

Any Data@2x

Standard Fields

Qwilr proposals can be personalized using data from any standard Zoho field.

Make ad-hoc changes as needed

Need to edit a background image for this specific proposal? You can easily do that without changing the core template.

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Send Graphic@2x

Send from within Zoho

Grab a link to your proposal and send it to the prospect without ever leaving Zoho.

Update your records when deals are closed or won

Time your next steps perfectly with updated Zoho records (using Zapier) and other tools when your proposal is viewed and accepted.

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Keep Zoho deals and timelines up to date with view notifications.

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Get notifications in Slack Channels when your proposal is viewed and accepted.

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Other Tools

Use Zapier to send view & accept notifications into hundreds of other tools

Within 10 minutes I had already built a proposal. Anyone can create an amazing proposal without spending time designing (or without any knowledge about design).

Strategy Manager, ADman Media

Frequently asked questions

Qwilr customers can create proposals directly from their Zoho CRM with a Qwilr Business or Enterprise plan. Once templates are created, details from Contact, Accounts, Leads, Quotes, and Deal records can automatically be pulled in to personalize proposals at scale.

Proposals created with Qwilr using the Zoho integration are completely mobile responsive. Qwilr proposals are created as online pages, instead of a PDF. You can create thousands of proposals or sales materials with Qwilr, knowing they will work on any screen resolution.

Proposals created with Qwilr using the Zoho integration are completely interactive. Add dynamic pricing, Calendly links, videos, images, animations, an interactive ROI calculator, and more - all with Qwilr's proposal software.

Qwilr proposals generated through the Zoho integration have the ability to capture digital e-signatures. Collect one or multiple signatures to accelerate deals and capture details from your customers. Qwilr e-signatures support legally-binding documents.

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