Brendan Connaughton

Head of Growth Marketing

Brendan Connaughton

Before joining Qwilr, Brendan led the Global Growth Marketing Team at Airwallex, a prominent fintech scale-up. In this role, he played a key role in developing Airwallex's marketing playbook for Australia, as well as other major markets like the US and UK. His contributions were crucial in achieving a 20-fold increase in customer growth within the first 2.5 years of his tenure. The responsibilities of Brendan's team were extensive, encompassing areas such as performance marketing, SEO, content, lifecycle, event, partner marketing, and outbound marketing.

Brendan's career started on the agency side, where he gained a strong operational background and a willingness to get his hands dirty.

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Brendan's areas of expertise encompass a wide range of marketing disciplines, including:

  • Growth Strategy & Leadership
  • Marketing & Sales Alignment
  • Performance Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Campaign Development & Execution
  • Lifecycle Marketing
  • Outbound Marketing


Brendan earned his Bachelor of Business degree from the University of Technology Sydney, majoring in Marketing and Finance. Alongside his studies, he worked as a private tutor in Business Statistics and played a key role in running student learning program in this subject (part of their peer-assisted study sessions program).

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