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Website Proposal Template

Use Qwilr's website proposal template to showcase your creative ideas and technical expertise to impress clients and win business. Embed websites, Invision prototypes, videos & more in your proposal, get notified when people view it, and enable them to accept, sign and pay online.

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Proposals that demand an audience

Showcase your technical expertise by embedding videos, prototypes, tables, spreadsheets and more within you website proposal.

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Up sell your scope of work

Generate more revenue by adding interactive quotes that allow clients to see what the pricing would look like if they add that extra upsell or better service package.

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Save and reuse

Spend more time developing websites and less time creating proposals by saving your customised website proposal to use again later.


Beautiful across all devices

Responsive design means your proposal will work across iphones, tables or desktops. It will also work across operating systems, including Mac, Android and PC.

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Pitch your ideas securely

Use Qwilr features like password protection, view and time limits so you can control who sees your proposal.

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Keep up to date

With notifications, you'll know when a prospective client interacts with your proposal so you know when to follow-up.

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Live communication

Use live chat so your clients can ask you questions when they're looking at the proposal.


One-click signoff, anytime anywhere

Instant signoff means your client can approve your proposal immediately, letting you get started on the project right away.

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Digital signature capability

Reduce turnaround times with digital signature capability. Qwilr also produces a full audit trail for legal purposes so it's fully compliant with eSignature laws.

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Get paid right away

Stop chasing payments with secure payment features integrated right into your proposal.

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Integrated accounting software

Cut out unnecessary data entry by linking Qwilr to your accounting software. By connecting directly to Quickbooks or Xero draft invoices can be automatically created from accepted proposals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add pricing to my website proposal?

Yes! Qwilr lets you add pricing tables that clearly outline your company’s offerings and their prices. Then, upon receipt, your prospect can interact with the proposal and make any necessary adjustments they would like all by themselves! Whether that is adding on services for an hourly, fixed or recurring basis, or opting in/out of certain optional service items, our proposal software gives your sales lead flexibility while freeing up your sales team from any unnecessary back-and-forth.

How can I make my website proposal match my brand?

Qwilr’s proposal software includes a brand editor that lets you insert your brand colors, fonts and other branding design elements that you want to have stay consistent across all sales proposals. With this editor, you can help streamline the sales proposal design phase, adding and removing components that are unique to individual customers while ensuring you maintain your company’s brand consistently across the board.

Will my website proposal look good on mobile & tablet devices?

Building a sales proposal in Qwilr proposal software and sharing it as a webpage means that your leads will be receiving both an interactive and design-optimised proposal, regardless of which device they’re reading the proposal on.

How can I protect my website proposal?

If you’re concerned about your sales proposal being accessed and viewed by an unintended reader, don't be. Qwilr comes with several security features to help ensure that your sales proposals are only accessed by the intended recipient(s). With options such as access expiry dates, whereby a sales proposal can no longer be accessed after a specific date, to passwords, Qwilr’s document security features help ensure that you and your company documents stay protected.

Can prospects sign my website proposal digitally?

Nothing is more annoying than a transaction that redirects your customers from one platform to another. Internally, working across different platforms, each supporting one specific aspect of the sales process, is also frustrating. Qwilr understands this and so created an in-built e-signature functionality for your prospects, so there’s no need to upload PDF contracts onto a separate platform anymore! Instead, our proposal software supports the sales process from beginning to end for a low price with no hidden fees.

Can prospects pay for services through my website proposal?

With Qwilr, prospects can pay for the service package they’ve selected on the proposal as well as pay for it all in one place. On top of that, if the lead changes the service package they’ve selected, prices are updated in real-time so that when it comes time to pay, you can ensure that you're billing the right amount for your services.

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