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Software Development Proposal Template
Embed websites, prototypes and more

Embed websites, prototypes and more

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Include interactive quotes

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Software Proposal


Play Theatre


This is Play Theatre

Play Theatre is writing software for individuals who want planned, industry-formatted, theatre scripts for all aspiring and established playwrights.

With the rapid growth of theatre in the last decade, the lack of writing software catered to playwrights, we're ready to make a big impact for playwrights around the world.

This proposal will outline our conceptualisation and growth processes.

The Product

Pain Point

Why we came up with Play Theatre

The idea for Play Theatre came about through an opportunity to convert our successful book series to an adapted play. 

Not knowing how to write a play, we looked online and the only writing tools were for film or television scripts.

Having identified the opportunity to address a gap in the market, we validated our ideas through surveys and focus groups involving individuals in the theatre world.

This provided us with the knowledge that there is demand for a product like this. Ranging from students to professionals who have all been frustrated with current writing tools.


Benefits of the product

Our product is software specially designed for all playwrights from novices and experienced playwrights who want to plan and write their plays without the hassles of clunky word processors and complex film software. 

Accounting for target market's disdain for complexity, our tool is a simple piece of software where everything you write will be formatted to standard script formatting. along with added planning features for playwrights to draft and plan their scripts.

Play Theatre will feature

  • A play word processor with auto-formatting. 
  • Mind mapping software.
  • Character profile pages.
  • Notes section.
  • Loaded dictionary with common theatre terms and nouns.


Revenue model

Play theatre will rely on a 3 tier subscription based revenue model:

  • Free version: $0 — Free limited version for users to try our product.
  • Pro: $10 monthly — 1 full license of the software with all features.
  • Business: $500 monthly — unlimited licenses and organisational analytics for large business and schools.

This model will be assessed over time and modified based on results.


Our main marketing strategy involves a lean growth strategy focused predominantly on online marketing and PR.

Some tactics include:

  • Google and social media advertising.
  • PR through TechCrunch and Mashable to raise our public profile.
  • A content marketing strategy.
  • Social media focused around influencers.

We'll leverage social proof with high-profile playwrights providing public testimonials for our product.

Key metrics

Metrics for growth and performance

Key performance indicators will be measured through Google Analytics and include:

  • Monthly revenue
  • Organic and paid traffic
  • Cost per acquisition
  • Lifetime value per customer



We forecast the following spending over the first 12 months of the business

About Us

Our team

Daelon Robkind

CEO @ ACME Marketing, Inc.

Daelon, our CEO, will be leading the team. He's a writer, designer, software engineer and marketer. He's been a speaker at global conferences on SEO, and last year was #1 Fictional Person in the Forbes Top 100 Fictional Examples.

Marcelle McTantan

COO @ ACME Marketing, Inc.

Our COO, Marcelle McTanTan, will be marshalling the team to deliver the project on time and on budget. He is a former Googler, an expert rock climber, NSW Air Guitar champion and voted #1 Most Likely to Grow An Excellent Moustache by Harvard Business Review.

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