Web Development Agency Case Study Template

Qwilr's Web Development Agency Case Study Template allows you to showcase your creative efforts by embedding images, videos, data tables, website prototypes and more. Impress clients and win business by enabling live chat, interactive pricing & one click sign off all in the one document.

Web Development Agency Case Study Template
Showcase your work visually

Showcase your work visually

Showcase the creative work on the project by adding full screen images and videos, embedding InVision Prototypes and more.

Highlight key results

Highlight key results

Embed spreadsheets, tables, flow charts and more to show the results gained from your web development work.

Save and reuse with ease

Save and reuse with ease

Save your customized case study as a new template, and use it again for showcasing future work.

See the template in action


Milwaukee Milk

A Case Study by MVP

The Challenge

Strong, Healthy Bones

Milwaukee Milk was a household name throughout Wisconsin and the Midwest, but barely interacting with its users online. Save a simple website and a Facebook account, they weren't connecting with their audience.

The challenge was to promote Milwaukee Milk as part of the community (which it was) by sharing nutrition information, production insights, recipes and more through a mobile app.

Our Solution

Everybody Loves Milk

We knew that everyone loved milk – even vegans and lactose-intolerant crave a worthy substitute.

Aimed at parents and carers, we created the “How Good Is Milk!” app to share information about how Milwaukee Milk creates its product, nutrition information, history, recipes – as well as Milwaukee Milk’s full range of dairy products, including options for non-dairy people.

“These guys are the real MVP."

Heather Dorrell

Head of Digital Acquisitions, Kangaroo Shoes

Our Solution

We delivered the app on time and on budget. There were over 500 downloads combined on the first day, with a further 1000 over the remaining week.

Average engagement time was a huge 10 minutes, with multiple return visits averaging at six per user.

We expect engagement to remain steady with the release of additional content and products.

Scope Of Work

App Development


UX/UI Design

Front End Development

iOS + Android responsive design


Blog publishing training

Ongoing maintenance

Let's Connect!

We can’t wait to be the MVP of your online presence, let’s

talk about building something great.

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