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Web Development Agency Case Study Template

Qwilr's Web Development Agency Case Study Template allows you to showcase your creative efforts by embedding images, videos, data tables, website prototypes and more. Impress clients and win business by enabling live chat, interactive pricing & one click sign off all in the one document.

Make a visual statement

Showcase your work visually

Showcase the creative work on the project by adding full screen images and videos, embedding InVision Prototypes and more.

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Highlight key results

Embed spreadsheets, tables, flow charts and more to show the results gained from your web development work.

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Save and reuse with ease

Save your customized case study as a new template, and use it again for showcasing future work.


Looks great on all devices

With Qwilr, it's easy to create and send sophisticated case studies that are beautifully designed and can be viewed as a responsive webpage on any desktop, tablet, or mobile.

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Share from your website

Make your case study look like an extension of your website by adding a subdomain (like to it and sharing it as a webpage. You can also share it as a PDF if that's more your style.

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Keep it secure

Add User Authentication, view limits and time limits on your case study so you can control who sees your ideas. Particularly useful for case studies where you might not have permission to share information publicly.


Know how and when your case study is viewed

Get notified the moment your case study is viewed, and see detailed analytics on what they viewed and how long for.

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Get notified instantly

Be the first to know when clients view your case study so you can time your follow up perfectly.

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Get deep insights

See how many times your case study has been viewed, where from, what content was most viewed, etc with our deep analytics.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a web development agency case study?

This web development agency case study is designed to help your sales team land web development work. With collateral that your team can add to every proposal to help brand your company and standardise design, as well as components you can modify based on each individual customer, Qwilr is the proposal software your company needs.

With Qwilr, you can streamline sales processes, see actionable insights and data about your leads, all the while optimising designs so your team can focus on maximising conversions.

How can I make my web development agency case study match my brand?

Qwilr’s built-in brand editor lets your company choose which elements you want to have displayed consistently for every sales proposal sent to prospects. Elements that you can standardize include fonts, brand colors, logo positions. With this, you can ensure consistent delivery and branding across the board.

Can I add pricing to my web development agency case study?

Yes! With our proposal software, your sales team can add your service package pricing to any of our sales proposals. But not only that, our pricing tables are interactive, meaning that leads can make the service modifications that they’re after all in one place, saving your sales team the back-and-forth. This includes opting into optional service items.

Our software can be integrated with all major CRM systems, allowing our sales proposals to propagate the most up-to-date data from one centralised system. On top of that, as a lead modifies the sales package to suit them, prices are adjusted in real-time so the most updated and accurate pricing is displayed as soon as your prospect is ready to sign.

Will my web development agency case study look good on mobile & tablet devices?

If you build your sales proposal on Qwilr and send it to your prospect as a webpage, you can guarantee that your lead will be viewing an interactive & optimised proposal on any of their devices.

However, this is only if you share it as a webpage rather than downloading and sending the proposal as a static PDF.

How can I protect my web development agency case study?

Qwilr understands the importance of confidentiality and has, therefore, created several security features to help protect your team’s documents. Options such as requiring recipients to authenticate themselves through Google accounts and password protection, view limits and expiry dates are all parameters you can set to control and protect your sales documents.

Can prospects pay for services through my web development agency case study?

Absolutely. Qwilr understands all the various steps involved in executing a seamless sales process for prospects, from the proposal to pricing, contracts and payment.

With that, our software lets prospects securely enter their credit card details into a payment feature in-built into the form.

And, once the payment has been debited from the client’s account, you’ll receive the money within a few days!

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