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Web Development Agency Quote Template

Qwilr's web development agency quote template lets you create beautifully designed quotes for your clients, complete with interactive pricing and the ability to accept, sign and pay right from within the one document.

Make a visual statement

Present your ideas visually

Embed full-screen images, in line videos, Soundcloud audio files, social media posts and more to visually support all stages of work to be carried out for your client.

Make a visual statement

Add spreadsheets, tables and more

Show how things will shake out by embedding Gantt charts, flow charts, spreadsheets and data tables right into your Adwords PPC progress report for complete transparency.

Make a visual statement

Add interactive pricing

Insert interactive pricing tables to give your client an idea of how much the projects will cost. It also helps you generate more revenue with minimal effort as you can include additional service options for consideration.


Looks great on any device

Share your web development quote as a responsive webpage and leads will be able to view it on any desktop, tablet or mobile device. Or, if you prefer, you can opt to download it as a PDF for sharing the old school way.

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Control who sees it

Use our password, time limit, view limit and user authentication to control who can see your quote.

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Get notified when it's viewed

Receive notifications in Slack, Hipchat, via email or on multiple other messaging platforms when your client opens your quote so you know when to follow up to secure the job.

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Analytics for insights

Understand who's viewed your quote, when, for how long and what content they engaged with the most so you can continue to improve your pitch.


Instant signoff, instant start

Get acceptance and signoff quicker by enabling people to accept and sign your quote online, reducing quote turnaround time by 80%.

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Get signoff online

With one-click online acceptance, digital signatures and full audit history, Qwilr is compliant with eSignature requirements.

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Integrated payments

Your new clients can simply and securely pay by credit card right in the quote, allowing you to accept deposits or full job payments instantly.

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Cut out the double data entry

Integrations with Quickbooks and Xero can create draft invoices from accepted quotes, reducing manual data entry and saving you time and energy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a web development agency quote?

A web development agency quote is a proposal designed to send to clients to win web development work. It typically includes some background on the company and why they need help, some information on your business and why you are the best team for the job, a quote that clearly outlines the pricing and a case study that shows off some of the previous work you have completed.

Can I add pricing to my web development agency quote?

Yes, of course! Qwilr includes the ability to add interactive pricing tables to your proposals. In these tables, you can add prices for services on an hourly, fixed or recurring basis. You can group various services together (I.e. all meetings) and even allow certain services to be optional.
Qwilr’s pricing tables are dynamic, so if a prospect was to select one of your optional extra services the price is updated real time, and when they accept and sign the proposal they’ll be accepting and signing for the increased total price.

How can I make my web development agency quote match my brand?

Qwilr’s built-in brand editor allows you input your brand colors, fonts, etc and they’ll automatically be applied to your proposals, ensuring your web development agency quote is a beautiful reflection of your brand.

Will my web development agency quote look good on mobile & tablet devices?

When you build your web development agency quote using Qwilr and share it as a webpage, it will look good on any mobile, tablet or desktop device. That’s because Qwilr uses responsive design to detect what device the person is viewing it on and then scale the content of your proposal up and down to match.

This only works if you share it as a webpage though. If you choose to create your web development agency quote in Qwilr, download it as a PDF and email it to someone, it won’t look good on mobile devices as PDFs are not responsive.

How can I protect my web development agency quote?

Qwilr comes with numerous options to protect your web development agency quote from falling into the wrong hands. You can add password protections, view limits (I.e. It can’t be viewed more than 5 times) and time limits (I.e. it’s no longer available to be viewed after a certain date).
You can even require people to authenticate themselves using their Google or LinkedIn accounts in order to see it.

Can prospects sign my web development agency quote digitally?

Qwilr comes with built-in digital signature functionality that allows your prospect to accept and sign your web development agency quote online. No longer do you need to upload PDF documents into tools like DocuSign. With Qwilr, you get everything you need in one place for one low price.

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