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Photography Proposal Template

Qwilr's beautifully designed photography proposal template helps you showcase your work and creativity to impress prospective clients. With the ability to embed full size images, videos and more you can improve your chances of winning business.

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Visual storytelling

Create a proposal that matches your brand and design ethos by personalising it with your images, social posts, and videos embedded inline.

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Interactive quoting to help improve your margins

Generate more revenue with interactive quoting. Add various packages or pricing options so your client can see how much various additions may cost.

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Stay true to your brand

Customise the template to include your fonts, colours, logos and more so your photography proposal perfectly matches your brand. You can also save it all to use it again the next time.


Looks great on any device

Designed to work across multiple devices, from your phone, tablet or desktop, you can share your proposal as a webpage and be sure it'll look good on any device.

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An extension of your website

Stay on brand and assign a sub-domain (i.e. to your Qwilr account to make your photography proposal look like it's a seamless extension of your website.

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Get updated

With notifications, you'll know when a prospective client interacts with your proposal so you know when to follow-up.

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Safe and secure

Working on something top secret? Add password protection, time and view limits as well as user authentication to ensure you know who's viewing your proposals.


Accept and get shooting

With simple 1-click Accept button functionality, you can get on with what you do best - taking beautiful photographs.

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Digital signatures

Include e-signature capability to get your proposal or release forms signed quickly. Qwilr also has full audit trail functionality for e-signature regulation requirements.

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Get paid faster

Secure, integrated payment functionality in the proposal means you can accept deposits, part payments or even full project payments on the spot via credit card.

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Minimise data entry

Integrating with your accounting platform - like Xero or Quickbooks - you can use accepted proposals to generate draft invoices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can prospects sign my photography proposal digitally?

Qwilr comes with built-in digital signature functionality that allows your prospect to accept and sign your photography proposal online. No longer do you need to upload PDF documents into tools like DocuSign. With Qwilr, you get everything you need in one place for one low price.

Can prospects pay for services through my photography proposal?

Yes! Prospect can pay for your products and services through the proposal. They simply enter their credit card details into the secure form on the proposal, and their card is debited. You’ll then receive the money in your bank account (or wherever you choose to send it) a few days later.

How do I know when people view my photography proposal?

You’ll receive a notification the moment a person views your proposal, so you can time your follow up perfectly. Notifications can be received by email or Slack, or you can connect to Zapier to get notified in tools like HipChat, Microsoft Teams, Yammer, Salesforce Chatter and more.

How do I see what content people engaged with in my photography proposal?

When you create your photography proposal with Qwilr and send it as a webpage, you get detailed analytics showing how people viewed your proposal. You can see who viewed it, for how long, from where, what content they engaged with, and more. You can then use this information to tailor your follow-up calls and emails or optimise your next proposal.

Can I add Live Chat to my photography proposal?

Yes! Qwilr integrates with Live Chat tools like Olark and Intercom (with more on the way). With these integrations enabled, you can chat live with prospects as they view your proposal, answer questions in real-time, and ultimately get the proposal signed faster.

Can I generate photography proposal from my CRM software?

Yes! Qwilr integrates with Salesforce & Hubspot CRM. With these integrations enabled, you can automatically create personalised proposals right from within your CRM using the information (like name, company name, etc) you have about the lead.

On top of this, when a lead views & accepts a proposal you can see that as Activity in your chosen CRM.

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