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Wedding Photography Proposal Template

Creating a beautiful wedding photography proposal that showcases your finest work is simple with Qwilr's template. You can include magical, full screen images, embed memorable videos, and more to win over your clients and cater to any bridezilla.

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Picture perfect ever after

Help clients visualise their special day by embedding spectacular full size images, memorable inline videos and more right into your template.

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Price it right

Generate more revenue with interactive quoting. Add various packages or pricing options so your client can see how much various additions may cost. To make their day that little bit more special.

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Stay true to your brand

Once you personalise your template to match your brand with fonts, colours and styles, you can save it and use it over and over again.


Proposals that always look good

Share and send memorable proposals that are beautifully designed and can be viewed as a responsive webpage on any desktop, tablet, mobile device or that can be downloaded as a PDF.

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Own your branding

Design your proposal to look like an extension of your website by adding a subdomain to it and sharing it as a webpage.

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Retarget ads directly to the bride

Increase your proposal success rate and stay top of mind by triggering retargeted ads once your clients have viewed your wedding photography proposal.

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Follow-up in confidence

Know when your prospective clients have viewed your proposal with notifications through your messaging platform or via email.


Simple 1-step accept

The one-click accept button means clients can accept your wedding photography proposal in an instant.

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E-signature capability

No more printing, scanning and emailing back documents, Qwilr has full digital signature functionality so you can improve proposal turnaround times.

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Pay in the proposal

Integrated payment features help you get paid fast by giving clients the option to pay in part of in full securely by credit card in the proposal.

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Reduce the data entry

Integrations with Quickbooks and Xero can create draft invoices from accepted proposals, reducing manual data entry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why use Qwilr to create a wedding photography proposal?

Qwilr is the software proposal your company needs to ensure that all proposals sent to leads and potential clients are beautiful and interactive on all devices.

Qwilr allows you to seamlessly integrate your sales proposals with your CRM system to propagate data from one central location. On top of that, Qwilr collects invaluable data on how leads interact with your proposal. From views to clicks, the information that our software gathers gives you the necessary insights to make your proposals stronger and conversions higher.

What kind of content can I add to my wedding photography proposal?

Say goodbye to boring PDF proposals and hello to interactive Qwilr designs. With Qwilr, you can standardise the content used in every proposal all the while adding interactive elements to help make your pitch memorable to your leads. From Google Map embeds to YouTube embeds for video tutorials, our proposal software will help your sales team clearly communicate your company’s service and value proposition.

Can I add pricing to my wedding photography proposal?

Yes! Qwilr lets you add pricing tables that clearly outline your company’s offerings and their prices. Then, upon receipt, your prospect can interact with the proposal and make any necessary adjustments they would like all by themselves!

Whether that is adding on services for an hourly, fixed or recurring basis, or opting in/out of certain optional service items, our proposal software gives your sales lead flexibility while freeing up your sales team from any unnecessary back-and-forth.

How can I make my wedding photography proposal match my brand?

Qwilr’s proposal software includes a brand editor that lets you insert your brand colors, fonts and other branding design elements that you want to have stay consistent across all sales proposals. With this editor, you can help streamline the sales proposal design phase, adding and removing components that are unique to individual customers while ensuring you maintain your company’s brand consistently across the board.

Will my wedding photography proposal look good on mobile & tablet devices?

Building a sales proposal in Qwilr proposal software and sharing it as a webpage means that your leads will be receiving both an interactive and design-optimised proposal, regardless of which device they’re reading the proposal on.

How can I protect my wedding photography proposal?

If you’re concerned about your sales proposal being accessed and viewed by an unintended reader, don’t be.

Qwilr comes with several security features to help ensure that your sales proposals are only accessed by the intended recipient(s).

With options such as access expiry dates, whereby a sales proposal can no longer be accessed after a specific date, to passwords, Qwilr’s document security features help ensure that you and your company documents stay protected.

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