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Landscaping Proposal Template

Showcase your proudest projects and win new jobs with Qwilr’s landscaping proposal template. Impress prospects with full size images, maps and more and get notified the moment they view the proposal.

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Effortlessly map out the scope of work

Add spreadsheets, maps, data tables, calendars and more to give your client all the information they need to make the right decision. You can also cut down the time it takes to compile these proposals by saving it and re-using next time.

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Visually pleasing

Outline the scale and detail of your previous works by including images and videos in your landscaping proposal.

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Upsell with ease

Add an interactive quote to your landscaping proposal so clients can see what the pricing would look like if they opted for the extra options. Generate more revenue without extra effort by including all the options.


Adaptable design

Designed to work across multiple devices, from your phone, tablet or desktop, you can share your landscaping proposal as a webpage and be sure it'll look good on any device.

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Make it your own

Design your proposal to look like an extension of your website by adding a subdomain to it and sharing it as a webpage. You can also share it as a PDF if that's more your style.

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Open. View. Retarget.

Increase your proposal success rate by triggering retargeted ads once your lead has viewed your landscaping proposal.

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Be in the know

With notifications, you'll know when a prospective client interacts with your landscaping proposal so you know when to follow-up.


Online job signoff

Get your proposal signed-off quicker by enabling digital signatures. The software maintains a full audit history so it's compliant with eSignature laws.

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Sign off and start up

Digital signatures are said to reduce turnaround times by 80%. No more printing, signing, scanning and sending back. Just click, sign, accept and get on with the job.

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Get paid faster

Secure payment features are integrated right in the proposal document so your client can pay by credit card right away.

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Link up and save time

Cut out extra data entry work - once the quote is accepted, Qwilr integrates with Quickbooks or Xero to automatically generate a draft invoice.

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