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Construction Proposal Template

Use Qwilr's construction proposal template to create a beautiful proposal that wins jobs. Impress prospects by showcasing your previous work with videos, images, maps and more and get notified the moment they view the proposal.

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Embed videos and images

Show the scale and detail of some of your previous works by including images and videos in your construction proposal.

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Add maps and Google Street View

Include interactive elements like Maps and Google Street View in your construction proposal to further showcase some of your previous jobs.

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Include interactive quotes

Add an interactive quote to your construction proposal so clients can see what the pricing would look like if they opted for the extra options. Generate more revenue without extra effort by including all the options.

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Save it all to use again next time

Spend more time on the tools and less time in the office by saving your finished construction proposal as a custom template to be used over and over again.


Looks great on any device

Responsive design means Qwilr's proposals work on any device and across operating systems including PC, Mac or Android. Or you can download the construction proposal and share it as a PDF.

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Know when your potential client sees it

Get notified when your client opens, views and interacts with your proposal.

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Control who sees it

Use Qwilr's password, time limit, view limit and user authentication to control who can see your construction proposal.

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Share from your website

Assign a sub-domain (i.e. to your Qwilr account to make the whole experience seamlessly integrate with your brand.


Instant signoff with digital signatures

Get your proposal signed-off quicker by enabling digital signatures. The Qwilr software maintains a full audit history so it's compliant with eSignature laws.

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Reduce turnaround times

Digital signatures are said to reduce turnaround times by 80%. No more printing, signing, scanning and sending back. Just click, sign, accept and get on with the job.

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Get paid faster

Secure payment features are integrated right in the proposal document so your client can pay by credit card right away.

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Links with your accounting software

Cut out extra data entry work - once the proposal is accepted, Qwilr integrates with Quickbooks or Xero to automatically generate a draft invoice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add Live Chat to my construction proposal?

Qwilr proposal software integrates with major live chat software tools such as Olark and Intercom.

Embedding these tools on your proposal means that prospects have the option to chat directly with your team in real-time if they have any questions about the proposal sent.

This optimises the sales experience as well as allows your company to get the contract signed faster!

Can I generate a construction proposal from my CRM software?

Yes! Qwilr directly integrates into major CRMs such as Hubspot and Salesforce so you can create your sales proposal all in one place, incorporating all the information you have about the sales lead directly from your CRM into the proposal.

Can I integrate my construction proposal with my accounting software?

Yes! Qwilr works directly with the major industry accounting software platforms so that once your sales prospect accepts the proposal, an invoice is automatically created and drafted in the major accounting platform of your choice.

The information in the final proposal accepted by the client will also already be inputted in the invoice. So now, all you have to do is to send it off!

What kind of content can I add to my construction proposal?

Qwilr gives your sales proposal the much-needed makeover that traditional, static PDF proposals have needed for years. From interactive Google Map embeds to pricing blocks that let customers add and remove service items as they please, with Qwilr, you can really set your proposal apart from your competitors and maximise your company’s sales conversions.

Can I add pricing to my construction proposal?

Yes! Qwilr takes your sales proposals up a notch and helps you set yourselves apart from your competitors by providing your leads and prospects with beautiful and compelling proposals.

One flagship feature of our proposals is our interactive pricing tables that let prospects make desired modifications to the service offering on their end within the parameters your company has set.

So, whether you have created an add-on service or want to give clients the ability to group service items together, you can do so all through Qwilr.

And, once your lead is ready, they can select the package they’re after, sign and pay all in one flow and through any device.

How can I make my construction proposal match my brand?

The brand editor in our sales proposal software lets you input the company branding elements that you want to have shown on every sales proposal sent.

This includes company colors, logos, fonts, which lets you streamline the proposal creation phase while maintaining consistent visual branding and collateral.

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