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Bid proposal template

Use Qwilr's bid proposal template to showcase your creative ideas and technical expertise to impress prospective clients and win business. Embed tables, spreadsheets, videos & more in your proposal, get notified when people view it, and enable them to accept, sign and pay online.

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Proposals that win work

Showcase your technical expertise by embedding videos, prototypes, tables, spreadsheets and more within you bid proposal.

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Generate more revenue

Simply upsell a project by adding interactive quotes which allow clients to see what the pricing would look like if they add that extra features, ideas or a better service package.

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Save and reuse

Spend more time doing actual work and less time creating proposals by saving your customised bid proposal to use again later.


Beautiful across all devices

Responsive design means your proposal will work across smartphones, tablets or desktops. It will also work across operating systems, including Mac, Android and PC.

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Secure your bid

Use Qwilr features like password protection, view and time limits so you can control who sees your proposal.

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Keep up-to-date

With notifications, you'll know when a prospective client interacts with your proposal so you know when to follow-up.

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Live communication

Use live chat so your clients can ask you questions when they're looking at the proposal.


One-click signoff, anytime anywhere

Instant signoff means your client can approve your proposal immediately, meaning you can get started on the project right away.

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Digital signature capability

Reduce turnaround times with digital signature capability. Qwilr also produces a full audit trail for legal purposes so it's fully compliant with eSignature requirements.

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Get paid right away

Stop chasing payments with secure payment features integrated right into your proposal.

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Integrated accounting software

Cut out unnecessary data entry by linking Qwilr to your accounting software. By connecting directly to Quickbooks or Xero draft invoices can be automatically created from accepted proposals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I see what content people engaged with in my bid proposal?

When you send your bid proposal as a webpage to your potential client, Qwilr also helps you capture insights such as how long the sales lead spent on your proposal, who viewed it, and which portion of the proposal the lead spent the longest time on.

With this, you can adjust your follow-up accordingly. On top of that, you can use it to optimise your next proposal.

Can I add Live Chat to my bid proposal?

Yes! Qwilr works with several major live chat platforms, such as Intercom, which allows your sales team to interact directly with prospects about any questions they have about the proposal sent in real-time.

Not only does this optimise the client’s sales experience with you, but it also streamlines the inevitable back and forth between you and the prospect, which means your company gets the contract signed faster!

Can I generate a bid proposal from my CRM software?

Yes! Not only are you able to create beautiful, interactive Qwilr sales proposals within your CRM, but once you send it off, you’re also able to get insights on how the lead interacted with your proposal directly in your CRM.

Data includes how much time your lead spent on your proposal and which part of the proposal they spent the most time on!

Can I integrate my bid proposal with my accounting software?

Yes! Our proposal software integrates seamlessly with major accounting platforms, such as Freshbooks, Xero and Quickbooks. And, after your lead has accepted the proposal, an invoice will automatically be drafted in your accounting software, filled with the information from the final proposal, such as service item and pricing.

What kind of content can I add to my bid proposal?

Because Qwilr creates beautiful, responsive webpages rather than static PDF documents, you can add all sorts of dynamic content. You can add videos from Vimeo, YouTube and more and your clients can watch them right there in the proposal, you can embed Google Maps, spreadsheets, and other apps.

Furthermore, one of Qwilr’s flagship features is our interactive quote block. You can use it to outline the price of your services, and certain items can be made optional or have varying quantities, and the client can turn them on or off and see what the pricing would be like. This is great for adding extra upsells and increasing the amount of revenue generated per client.

Why use Qwilr to create a bid proposal?

Qwilr is proposal software that makes it easy to create beautiful proposals and documents as responsive webpages that look great on any device. These days over 50% of emails are opened on mobile devices, so by using Qwilr you can ensure your proposal will look great on any device.

Furthermore, by using Qwilr your clients will be able to accept, sign and pay for your services online. Studies have shown digital signatures can reduce proposal turnaround time sby up to 80%, so you’ll get the proposal signed faster.

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