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Copywriting Proposal Template

Help your words shine with a beautiful copywriting proposal. With Qwilr's copywriting proposal template, you can include full screen images, social posts, videos and more to showcase previous work to win a new job.

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On brand

Customise the copywriting proposal template to match your brand styles, fonts, colors and design ethos.

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Interactive pricing

Utilise interactive quoting to communicate several options, services or packages to your client. It can also be a great way to generate more revenue by adding extra services they may not have thought of.

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Simple edit function, infinite possibilities

With a simple editor, you can include spreadsheets, forms, previous presentations, flowcharts and multiple other forms of information to tell your story and help meet your client's needs.


Looks lovely on any device

Responsive design means your copywriting proposal will look great on any device and across multiple operating systems.

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Share as a webpage

Make your proposal look like an extension of your website by adding a subdomain to it and sharing it as a webpage. You can also share it as a PDF if that's more your style.

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Be in the know

Notifications can be received in your messaging platform (HipChat, Yammer, Slack etc) or via email so you know when to follow up with your prospective customer.

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Lock it down

Add password protection, user authentication, view or time limits to your proposal so you can control who sees it.


Get writing faster

1-click job acceptance means you can get moving on the work that needs to be done faster.

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Legal sign-off is a breeze

Digital signature functionality with full audit trails, meeting e-signature laws, means you can get legal sign-off faster and with less admin hassle.

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Stop chasing payments

Integrated, secure payment options in the proposal means clients can pay on the spot, using their credit card.

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Cut the accounting pain

Integrating with accounting programs like Quickbooks or Xero, draft invoices can be created from accepted proposals - cutting your chance of making data entry mistakes and the amount of time spent on admin.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a copywriting proposal?

The copywriting proposal is created to help you win copywriting work. It provides the necessary information to your lead, such as pricing packages, testimonials and case studies as well as your portfolio. On top of that, once this proposal is sent to your potential client, you can access detailed data on how your lead has interacted with the proposal, empowering your team with the necessary insights to improve each proposal and improve conversions.

Why use Qwilr to create a copywriting proposal?

Qwilr is proposal software that frees your team up from doing manual and monotonous work all the while creating beautiful, mobile-responsive and interactive sales proposals.

With Qwilr, you’re able to embed the necessary information and data through case study videos, calendars, testimonials, pricing, to help your sales team maximise the chances of landing a deal.

Qwilr also integrates with your CRM system and features interactive quotes so back-and-forth is minimised and documents and information is kept all in one place.

Can I add Live Chat to my copywriting proposal?

Absolutely! Qwilr integrates with major live chat platforms such as Intercom, which allows your sales team to chat directly with your sales prospects and in real-time answer any questions they might have.

Can I generate a copywriting proposal from my CRM software?

Yes! Qwilr integrates directly with major industry CRMs such as Hubspot & Salesforce so that you can incorporate all the information you have about your lead, such as company name, contact name, etc into your proposal in just 1 click! In addition, once you have sent off your proposal, you can also understand how the lead interacted with the proposal you sent through analytics captured by our software. Data includes how long the lead spent on your proposal.

Can I integrate my copywriting proposal with my accounting software?

Yes! Our sales proposal software integrates with all major online accounting software, such as Quickbooks, Xero and Freshbooks.

Once the prospect has accepted the proposal, an invoice is created in your accounting software with the final proposal details.

Now, all you have to do is hit send!

What kind of content can I add to my copywriting proposal?

Say goodbye to boring PDF proposals and hello to interactive Qwilr designs. With Qwilr, you can standardise the content used in every proposal all the while adding interactive elements to help make your pitch memorable to your leads. From Google Map embeds to YouTube embeds for video tutorials, our proposal software will help your sales team clearly communicate your company’s service and value proposition.

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