Social Media Proposal Template

Creating social media proposals are easy with Qwilr's beautiful template. You can embed posts from Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin, include images, videos, calendars and more. You can even have a client accept the job, signoff and pay - all in the proposal.

Social Media Proposal Template
Add images, video, social posts and more.

Add images, video, social posts and more.

Qwilr's simple editor makes it easy to embed images, video and social posts to really show your potential client what you're capable of.

Send interactive pricing

Send interactive pricing

Generate more revenue by including interactive quotes in your social media proposal. Allow clients to see what pricing might look like with different packages and services included, and upsell your services for extra revenue.

Be on brand

Be on brand

Setup your brand styles, including fonts, colours, logos and more so that your Adwords planning proposal matches your brand perfectly. And you can save it all to use again later.

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ACME, Inc.

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Helix Gaming


Over the last decade, Helix's digital marketing has been vital in creating its brand presence and high viewership numbers. With traditional channels such as Helix News, Sports, and Cooking dominating their respective fields concerning market share and social media metrics.

However, despite the strength of the Helix brand, Helix's new channel Helix Gaming has failed to tap into the same social media success of its sister channels.

We need to create a strategic vision that will facilitate growth for the Helix's social media profiles. From an analysis of the current social media offerings, we will discover which types of content on which platforms will best resonate with Helix's core demographic in promoting social media engagement.

Key influencers

Popular influencers in this group

The 3 above are key influencers in the millenial gamer demographic. All 3 use the 3 main social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) as a way to promote their own videos and content.

To engage and partner with these influencers could help Helix Gaming improve their social media.



Facebook is seen by this demographic as a place to stay in touch and share information with their friends and broader groups. 

While important for critical information, many in this segment view Facebook as a place run by marketers and nobody in this segment is looking to Facebook for specific gaming content at any major scale.


What this group values from Facebook is shareable entertainment. Helix gaming should focus on creating short visual posts such as gifs, Facebook videos, meme's based around current popular games and helix shows. Creating shareable content from Helix shows can attract new users to the page and even create interest in the shows Helix provides.

Sample content calendar


Our work

ACME Marketing, Inc. 

was established in 2005 and has spent the past decade providing marketing research services to some of the world's largest organisations. We are a team of highly experienced marketers and researchers and love helping and seeing our clients succeed.

A few years back, Aqua, Inc. had a problem with falling revenues and suspected that its marketing strategies in the rapidly evolving market for e-books were outdated. In the hope of reformulating those strategies, Acqua approached us.

We conducted an in-depth, online survey of Aqua's target market. Based on the conclusions of our research, Aqua saw an extraordinary 310% increase in revenue within just 3 months.

Our team

We're a team of 8 based in Sydney, Australia. We love marketing and love to see our clients succeed. The team is led by:

Daelon Robkind

CEO @ ACME Marketing, Inc.

Daelon, our CEO, will be leading the team. He's a designer, software engineer and marketer. He's been a speaker at global conferences on SEO, and last year was #1 Fictional Person in the Forbes Top 100 Fictional Examples.

Marcelle McTantan

COO @ ACME Marketing, Inc.

Our COO, Marcelle McTanTan, will be marshalling the team to deliver the project on time and on budget. He is a former Googler, an expert rock climber, NSW Air Guitar champion and voted #1 Most Likely to Grow An Excellent Moustache by Harvard Business Review.

Here's a short video showing what we're all about

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