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Social Media Proposal Template
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Add images, video, social posts and more.

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ACME, Inc.

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Helix Gaming

Executive summary

This Social Media Proposal sets out the work that ACME, Inc. will provide to Helix Gaming in order to optimise social media efforts for their dedicated gaming channel.

This paper will outline: 

  • what are the strengths and weaknesses of the current social media offering 
  • what is Helix's core audience 
  • which content is utilised on which platform and how will this resonate with Helix's target demographic
  • the timeline for implementation of this strategy
  • key performance metrics to gauge the success of this strategy.

Our goal is to provide you with the best social media strategy, so that Helix can increase the following and overall reach of your message with an integrated, strategic social media campaign.


Over the last decade, Helix's digital marketing has been vital in creating its brand presence and high viewership numbers. With traditional channels such as Helix News, Sports, and Cooking dominating their respective fields concerning market share and social media metrics.

However, despite the strength of the Helix brand, Helix's new channel Helix Gaming has failed to tap into the same social media success of its sister channels.

We need to create a strategic vision that will facilitate growth for the Helix's social media profiles. From an analysis of the current social media offerings, we will discover which types of content on which platforms will best resonate with Helix's core demographic in promoting social media engagement.

Current social media strategy

Strengths and weaknesses 

The current social media strategy for Helix is to use the 3 most popular social media platforms Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to distribute specific Helix content to each platform.

The content distributed is thematically unique — e.g., sports for Helix Sports. All the channels share the strategy of distributing the same type of content: Facebook is to post news and written pieces; Twitter sends new alerts to news pieces; and Instagram is used to show upcoming images of television content.

While effective for Helix's other channels, this strategy does not resonate with Helix Gaming's audience. The following lists highlight the strengths and weaknesses of Helix Gaming's current social media brand.


  • Recognised brand
  • Social media profiles already established
  • Branding and logos already created
  • Network of Helix celebrities to create content with


  • Low engagement with posts
  • Low numbers compared to sister channels
  • Same strategy for Helix gaming as other channels
  • Content not targeted to core demographic

As seen from this analysis Helix Gaming has the assets and resources it needs to succeed with social media. However, what is lacking is a unique strategy to engage with an audience that can maximise engagement. Helix's audience is no doubt unique and demands a tailored social media strategy.

Target Audience

"Millennial Gamer"

According to our research, the core demographic that engages with Helix Gaming is men and women between the ages of 16-18 who identify their main passion as video games.

Known as the 'Millennial Gamer', this individual spends approximately 8-12 hours a day consuming video games and other video game related media. These individuals are always connected to technology and are trendsetters when it comes to technology and internet trends.

This group is highly active in social media and are known to be early adopters of new social media platforms. However, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are still the primary social media platforms for the masses – and not necessarily targeted at the 'Millenial Gamer' demographic.

While this segment is known for using each social media platform for different purposes, what they have in common is that this segment enjoys visual content with meme's, gifs and videos being a favorite for this group.

Key influencers

Popular influencers in this group

The 3 above are key influencers in the millenial gamer demographic. All 3 use the 3 main social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) as a way to promote their own videos and content.

To engage and partner with these influencers could help Helix Gaming improve their social media.

Recommended social media strategy

Current platforms



Facebook is seen by this demographic as a place to stay in touch and share information with their friends and broader groups. 

While important for critical information, many in this segment view Facebook as a place run by marketers and nobody in this segment is looking to Facebook for specific gaming content at any major scale.


What this group values from Facebook is shareable entertainment. Helix gaming should focus on creating short visual posts such as gifs, Facebook videos, meme's based around current popular games and helix shows. Creating shareable content from Helix shows can attract new users to the page and even create interest in the shows Helix provides.



Twitter is seen as a place to stay in touch with personalities and breaking video game news. This demographic frequently browse Twitter to comment, retweet, and favourite posts that offer them insight. While this group isn't concerned with growing their own Twitter following, Twitter is still seen by them as the place where breaking news happens.


Instead of retweeting simply from Helix shows, the Twitter account should be used to retweet news and information from known influencers and breaking news from the industry. The aim for Twitter is to create a news hub for its users, so that users will come to Helix Gaming's Twitter as the first place to find the news.



For this group, Instagram provides more of a behind-the-scenes look into the life of big video game development studios and gaming celebrities. Instagram takes them to another level in terms of a close personal connection. This is because Instagram creates stronger, genuine connections amongst this group and their favourite personalities and development studios.


Instagram will provide this demographic with an up-close look into the world of Helix Gaming. Types of content could be behind-the-scenes photos of the filming of a new show, guests who come into the studio — anything to provide value.

Social media to implement

YouTube and Twitch 

YouTube and Twitch are social media platforms that provide live streaming and VoD (video on demand). This demographic consumers more video media and entertainment, and do so on YouTube and Twitch more than on any other platform. For this demographic, YouTube and Twitch have replaced TV.

While these two platforms can be viewed as competition towards Helix Gaming. Helix Gaming can utilise these platforms to create content where our audience can watch and communicate with the stable of Helix Gaming's stars.

Digital content such as exclusive web shows, highlights from past episodes, and previews for new episodes, can be distributed through these platforms and further engagement could lead to increased viewership for Helix Gaming.


Sample content calendar

Key measurement metrics

The success of this new strategy rests upon 4 key metrics:

  1. Subscription metrics: How many people are subscribing to our social media pages on a weekly basis?
  2. Lead generation metrics: How often does content lead to an increase in viewers for the show it is promoting?
  3. Consumption metrics: How many people viewed, downloaded, or listened to this piece of content?
  4. Sharing metrics: How resonant is this content, and how often is it shared with others?

We will be regularly measuring our efforts with reference to these metrics in order to measure the outcomes of this strategy.


ACME Marketing Inc.

Our work

ACME Marketing, Inc. 

was established in 2005 and has spent the past decade providing marketing research services to some of the world's largest organisations. We are a team of highly experienced marketers and researchers and love helping and seeing our clients succeed.

A few years back, Aqua, Inc. had a problem with falling revenues and suspected that its marketing strategies in the rapidly evolving market for e-books were outdated. In the hope of reformulating those strategies, Acqua approached us.

We conducted an in-depth, online survey of Aqua's target market. Based on the conclusions of our research, Aqua saw an extraordinary 310% increase in revenue within just 3 months.

Our team

We're a team of 8 based in Sydney, Australia. We love marketing and love to see our clients succeed. The team is led by:

Daelon Robkind

CEO @ ACME Marketing, Inc.

Daelon, our CEO, will be leading the team. He's a designer, software engineer and marketer. He's been a speaker at global conferences on SEO, and last year was #1 Fictional Person in the Forbes Top 100 Fictional Examples.

Marcelle McTantan

COO @ ACME Marketing, Inc.

Our COO, Marcelle McTanTan, will be marshalling the team to deliver the project on time and on budget. He is a former Googler, an expert rock climber, NSW Air Guitar champion and voted #1 Most Likely to Grow An Excellent Moustache by Harvard Business Review.

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