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Advertising Proposal Template

Transform your advertising proposals with Qwilr's purpose built advertising proposal template. Helping you put your best foot forward, the responsive design proposal enables you to include full size images, embed videos inline and showcase your previous works.

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Make your proposal come alive

Include full screen images, campaign timelines, spreadsheets, and videos to give your client a complete understanding of what you're proposing.

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Generate more revenue with interactive pricing

By including interactive pricing you can upsell a client with additional options or services. And they can decide on exactly what they want in their package by playing with the various options.

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Stay true to your brand

While you're promoting everyone else's brand, don't forget to stay true to your own. You can set up your brand styles, including fonts, colours, logos and more. You can also save it all to use it again next time.


Simple to share

With responsive design, you can share your proposal as a webpage and be confident it'll look good on any device. You can also download it as a PDF, if you'd prefer.

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Integrated notifications

Get notified via email, Slack, sms, Hipchat, Yammer and more when clients view or interact with your proposal, so you know when to follow up.

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Know what has cut through

With built-in analytics and the ability to connect analytic tools like Google, Mixpanel or Hotjar, you can gain deeper insights into how clients are engaging with your proposals and use those insights to boost your conversion rates.

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Talk about it

Add live chat so you can engage with your clients at a time that they're thinking about your proposal.


1-click signoff

Simple Accept button functionality enables clients to approve a proposal on the spot.

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Digital signatures to get you moving

No more printing, scanning and emailing back documents, Qwilr has full digital signature functionality so you can improve proposal turnaround times.

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Pay in the proposal

Integrated payment features help you get paid fast by giving clients the option to pay securely by credit card in the proposal.

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Make accounting a breeze

Connecting with Quickbooks and Xero simplifies the accounting side of business. Draft invoices can be created from accepted proposals, minimising manual data entry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I generate an advertising proposal from my CRM software?

Yes! Qwilr directly integrates into major CRMs such as Hubspot and Salesforce so you can create your sales proposal all in one place, incorporating all the information you have about the sales lead directly from your CRM into the proposal.

Can I integrate my advertising proposal with my accounting software?

Yes! Our sales proposal software works with major industry accounting software such as Xero and Quickbooks.

We understand the need for seamless sales processes. So, once a prospect has accepted a proposal, an invoice will automatically be created in your accounting software of choice.

Right now, we support major accounting platforms such as Xero, Quickbooks and Freshbooks, but are soon adding more!

This drafted invoice will include all the information from the proposal, such as service and price so that all you need to do is hit send!

Can I add Live Chat to my advertising proposal?

Yes! Qwilr works with several major live chat platforms, such as Intercom, which allows your sales team to interact directly with prospects about any questions they have about the proposal sent in real-time.

Not only does this optimise the client’s sales experience with you, but it also streamlines the inevitable back and forth between you and the prospect, which means your company gets the contract signed faster!

How do I see what content people engaged with in my advertising proposal?

When you send your advertising proposal as a webpage to your potential client, Qwilr also helps you capture insights such as how long the sales lead spent on your proposal, who viewed it, and which portion of the proposal the lead spent the longest time on.

With this, you can adjust your follow-up accordingly. On top of that, you can use it to optimise your next proposal.

Can prospects pay for services through my advertising proposal?

Prospects can pay for the service items/ packages they select from your proposal on the same exact document!

All they need to do is enter their credit card details into a secure form, and once the payment has been deducted, you’ll receive your payment within a few days to wherever you choose.

Can prospects sign my advertising proposal digitally?

Our sales proposal software features an in-built, integrated e-signature feature that allows you and your leads to sign and agree on a deal all in one place.

Rather than having to go through the extra steps of creating, uploading and sending a legal agreement on a different platform like HelloSign, Qwilr lets your prospects sign the contract in the same place they select their service package from.

This helps to create a seamless sales experience for you and your potential clients.

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