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Marketing Presentation Template

Getting clients interested in your business has never been easier. Using our Marketing Presentation Template, create compelling communications about your services and processes that will help you win business.

Make a visual statement

Beautiful documents, made easy

Create a Marketing Presentation that clients want to read. Build a visually-compelling document using our online editor that will capture your clients’ attention. Every personalized Qwilr Page generates a unique URL, which you can send directly to key stakeholders or share across the web.

Make a visual statement

Show what you can do

Our Marketing Presentation Template allows you to embed beautiful imagery, videos, audio files, social media posts and more to visually support all the services you provide to your clients.

Make a visual statement

Let the numbers speak for themselves

Embed spreadsheets, tables and more into your Marketing Presentation to communicate the results you get for your clients.


Displays perfectly on every screen

Qwilr Pages generate URLs, which means you can share your Marketing Presentation across any device. Whether your clients are viewing your Marketing Presentation on a desktop, tablet or mobile, Qwilr Pages work wherever your business does. Share your personalized Qwilr Page across your email, your social media network or directly with your clients.

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Secure and protected

Don't want everyone to see your Marketing Presentation? Turn on password protection, view and time limits, or user authentication to select who can access it and who can’t.

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Beautiful on any device

Don’t worry about issues with file size, compression or formatting. While you have the option of downloading your Marketing Presentation as a PDF, your Qwilr Page will adapt to the device its being viewed on.

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Easy, no-fuss sharing

Share your Marketing Presentation across email, messaging or project management tools for easy internal feedback and external presentation.


Start a conversation

Qwilr’s live chat features allow you to speak with your clients about your Marketing Presentation in real time.

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Get notified

Qwilr will send you notifications via email or through your messaging platform when your clients open your Marketing Presentation, so that you can confidently follow up.

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Understand what works

Qwilr lets you track and analyze how your Qwilr Page is browsed. Be notified when your Marketing Presentation is first opened, see how many times it was viewed and understand which parts your clients spent the most time on.

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Simple Acceptance

If your clients are happy with what they see, they can accept your proposal on the spot. Our Marketing Presentation Template allows you to include a simple one-click accept button and digital signature feature at the end.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of content can I add to my marketing presentation?

You can add all sorts of content to your Qwilr presentations; whether that’s your portfolio or a Vimeo embed featuring a testimonial and case study, our proposals help you create a proposal that really hits home. One of our flagship features is our interactive pricing embeds, which lets clients add/remove service items and add-ons. This helps clearly convey your company’s service offerings and value proposition, all the while providing your lead with the optimal sales experience.

Can I add pricing to my marketing presentation?

Of course! Qwilr gives your company the ability to include and present interactive pricing data to your prospect so that your service offering and pricing structure are both clearly conveyed.

Your lead has the freedom to interact with the pricing table, making modifications such as grouping services together or adding/removing service items, saving your sales team time and unnecessary back-and-forth.

On top of that, once your lead is ready to sign after making adjustments to the pricing table, your team can rest assured that Qwilr’s software will update the pricing in real-time, meaning that as the customer makes changes, the prices will change automatically. And once they’re ready to sign, they can do so all in one go, from the same device.

How can I make my marketing presentation match my brand?

Qwilr’s proposal software features a brand editor that allows your team to add company branding assets to be used across all sales proposals sent out to leads.

With this editor, you can insert company colors, logos, fonts, images, allowing you to maintain consistent branding across all proposals while altering the necessary components and details for specific clients.

Will my marketing presentation look good on mobile & tablet devices?

With Qwilr, when you send your proposal to your prospects as a webpage, you can rest assured they are viewing a design optimised proposal on any device they’re reading off. This is because our software uses design responsive elements to detect what device your prospects are reading on and adjust the proposal accordingly.

How can I protect my marketing presentation?

Qwilr’s sales proposal software provides security features that help protect your company and your team’s materials.

Specific security measures include password protection and Google and LinkedIn account authentication.

Can prospects sign my marketing presentation digitally?

What happens after a customer selects and accepts the service package they want after you’ve done your awesome presentation?

Well, typically, PDF files would need to be uploaded and sent independently or on a platform like DocuSign.

But with Qwilr, we integrate all the functionalities you would need to execute a great sales process from beginning to end. With this, we created an online signature feature, letting your prospects select, accept and sign all in one place and one go.

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