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Three ways to increase your acceptance rate

Updated Jan 31, 2019
sales person having meeting casually with prospect

Spend a lot of time perfecting the details in your proposal? While that plays a critical role in standing out from the competition, paying attention to your document data can help you increase your acceptance rate and secure more work for your business

Our team’s done a bit of data-digging to help you optimize your docs to do just that.

Tip 1: Marketing documents are convincingly powerful

People who create case studies, brochures, and newsletters win 26% more work than those who only send proposals. Why? These docs showcase the breadth of your business, and work to convince your prospects.

Sharing different documents with your client throughout their journey will help you remain top of mind when they're in need of your services down the track.

Tip 2: Link to marketing documents in your proposal

Take advantage of your marketing documents, and share them in your proposal. Case studies are the perfect document to link to. They're cold, hard proof as to why your client should do business with you—and they also give your business a chance to share a compelling story and help your client empathize and build affinity to your brand.

Tip 3: Frequently follow up

It’s no trade secret that more contact with your prospects results in better conversions. But we’ve got the numbers to back it up. Clients who are contacted 10+ times see a 500% acceptance increase.

Frequent contact with your prospects doesn’t mean cold calling, upselling, or spamming them with emails, but rather sharing engaging content and documents that are beneficial for their business.

By doing this, you'll also be increasing your average views per month, and we've noticed that customers who receive 50+ views per month see a 55% higher accept rate than those with only a handful.

Ready to take action?

Our templates gives you all the documents you need to create your full suite of sales and marketing collateral. Try promoting your work to generate more interest, pitching to close a deal, and updating your clients with key results and progress along the way.