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Branding Agency Brochure Template

Qwilr's Branding Agency Brochure Template allows you to create inspiring brochures that showcase your creative efforts and wins business. Impress and inform potential clients with full screen images, in line videos, interactive pricing and best of all, share your brochures confidently know they will look great on any device.

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Paint the picture

Illustrate your creative capabilities by embedding full screen images, in line videos, InVision Prototypes, Soundcloud audio files and more seamlessly into your Branding Agency Brochure Template.

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Priced to win you business

Allow your clients to price out their project by embedding interactive pricing into your brochure. You can include pricing for various services, options or add-ons and allow your client to understand the costs of working with you.

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Be on brand

Setup brand styles, including fonts, colours, logos and more so that your brochure matches your brand ethos perfectly. And you can save it all to use for the next client


Designed to look great

Qwilr’s Branding Agency Brochure template uses responsive design techniques so you can share impressive brochures confidently knowing your prospective client will view it exactly as you intended.

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Seamless sharing

Design your branding Agency Brochure template to look like an extension of your website by adding a subdomain to it and sharing it as a webpage.

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Lock it down

Don’t let your creative branding innovations be intercepted by a competitor, add User Authentication, view limits and time limits on your brochure so you can control who sees it.

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On Call

Answer any questions your clients may have on the spot with the Live Chat feature on the Qwilr Branding Agency Brochure template.


Instant notifications

Confidently follow up with prospective clients knowing they have received and viewed your Branding Agency Brochure by setting up notifications via email or Slack, or connect to Zapier to send notifications by HipChat, Yammer, chatter and more.

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Knowledge is power

See how many times your branding case study has been viewed, where from, what content was most viewed, etc with our deep analytics.

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Digital Signature Capability

Signing up new clients is a breeze with Qwilr’s digital signature feature. It will improve turnaround times and help you get moving on your project faster.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a branding agency brochure?

This branding agency brochure has been designed to help you land branding clients. With beautiful, interactive designs, optimised for every device, Qwilr can be integrated with most major CRM systems and help your sales team streamline the sales process. And, once your lead is ready to sign, they can select the service package they want, accept, e-sign and pay all in one go and from any device.

Why use Qwilr to create a branding agency brochure?

With optimizing sales processes reported as one of the top three challenges for sales teams, Qwilr seamlessly integrates into your team’s CRM system, increasing efficiency while minimising errors. Qwilr does all of this though, without compromising the pitch. From case study embeds to interactive quoting on the proposal itself, Qwilr proposal software improves the sales experience for both your sales team and leads so that you can optimise your value message, close more deals, all the while minimising manual work and human error.

What kind of content can I add to my branding agency brochure?

You can add all sorts of content to your Qwilr sales proposals and documents; whether that’s your portfolio or a Vimeo embed featuring a testimonial and case study, our proposals help you create a proposal that really hits home. One of our flagship features is our interactive pricing embeds, which lets clients add/remove service items and add-ons. This helps clearly convey your company’s service offerings and value proposition, all the while providing your lead with the optimal sales experience.

Can I add pricing to my branding agency brochure?

Of course! Qwilr gives your company the ability to include and present interactive pricing data to your prospect so that your service offering and pricing structure are both clearly conveyed. Your lead has the freedom to interact with the pricing table, making modifications such as grouping services together or adding/removing service items, saving your sales team time and unnecessary back-and-forth. On top of that, once your lead is ready to sign after making adjustments to the pricing table, your team can rest assured that Qwilr’s software will update the pricing in real-time, meaning that as the customer makes changes, the prices will change automatically. And once they’re ready to sign, they can do so all in one go, from the same device.

How can I make my branding agency brochure match my brand?

Qwilr’s proposal software features a brand editor that allows your team to add company branding assets to be used across all sales proposals and documents sent out to leads. With this editor, you can insert company colors, logos, fonts, images, allowing you to maintain consistent branding across all brochures while altering the necessary components and details for specific clients.

Will my branding agency brochure look good on mobile & tablet devices?

With Qwilr, when you send your brochures to your prospects as a webpage, you can rest assured they are viewing a design optimised brochure on any device they're reading off. This is because our software uses design responsive elements to detect what device your prospects are reading on and adjust the brochure accordingly.

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