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  • Tania Clarke • Mar 14, 2022

New Feature: introducing Qwilr’s pricing suite

Prevent the silent deal-killer with Qwilr’s pricing suite: new tiered plans, our updated quote table, and a new combined view; pricing presentations designed to showcase your value.

The dreaded pricing conversation is one that creates angst for sellers and buyers. Most companies focus on getting the price right but overlook the silent deal-killer: not presenting your offer in a compelling way.

How you communicate and present your offering is one of your biggest untapped opportunities. Your pricing is the culmination of your message— buyers always want to know, “What’s the bottom line?” Your goal is to advance the sales conversation with your pricing presentation, not put buyers on the defensive or scare them off entirely.

With the ultimate pricing experience in mind, Qwilr’s new pricing suite offers sellers flexibility in how you present your price and delivers a beautiful, and easy-to-understand experience for your buyers.

Introducing Qwilr’s new pricing presentation options

Until now, there haven’t been many exciting ways to present pricing to your buyers. Additionally, complexity in pricing models adds to the challenge— fixed pricing, recurring billing, or a combination of the two. Qwilr’s new pricing suite provides sales organizations with exciting, interactive ways to present pricing, no matter how you price your product.

Choose from new tiered plans, our existing interactive quote block, or a mix of both— all designed to guide buyers to your recommendations and ease anxiety at every step of the purchasing journey.

flexible pricing presentations

Present your value with NEW tiered plans

You can now present pricing with interactive tiered plans. The new tiered plans were designed with one goal in mind: to help you communicate pricing in a way that best represents your value.

Often buyers don’t want to make a decision until they’ve grasped all the options. Tiered pricing, also called “good, better, best” pricing, provides a visual presentation of your various options, making it easier for buyers to understand and compare packages, without the pressure.

According to Harvard Business Review, one of the many benefits of good, better, best pricing includes the concept of a price ladder: multi-tiered pricing that caters to price-conscious buyers, while providing options to upsell high-spending buyers. This approach makes your pricing accessible, without penalizing profit from those who are willing to spend more.

Qwilr’s new tiered plans present a simple, editable version to showcase value to your buyers. Tiered plans provide the option to:

Recommend a specific plan, and showcase core features and services available on each

tiered pricing presentations

Help buyers make the right choice by letting them compare options

annual vs. monthly pricing

Include a discount on select packages, as appropriate, to influence their decision

pricing presentation with discounts

Upsell with combined tiered plans and a quote table

The combined view brings an upselling capability to your proposals. Introduce core plans and capture buyers who want more amenities with add-on services and optional features, using the tiered plans and quote table.

upselling pricing presentation

And if you prefer to continue showcasing your pricing in a quote table, it’s still there, but with some useful updates. In November, we launched the ability to add recurring pricing and made key improvements, including clearer quote selections, editable quantities, and a general visual refresh.

Qwilr’s pricing suite lets you tap into more opportunities to maximize every deal, with interactive and flexible presentation options. See your price transformed today.

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