Marissa Taffer

Founder & President of M. Taffer Consulting

Marissa Taffer

Marissa Taffer is a writer and editor for Qwilr who spent the majority of her career working in sales organizations and sales enablement. As a consultant, she helps clients grow and scale their businesses through content creation, business development strategy, and project and process management.

When Marissa isn’t writing about sales topics, she’s usually practicing agility with her dog or dining out at one of Philadelphia’s fantastic restaurants or cafes.

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Marissa has honed her sales enablement and business development expertise over 15 years, working with both enterprise and startup sales organizations as well as running her own consulting practice.

She has advanced knowledge of the following sales, marketing, and business development topics:

  • Proposal writing
  • Using Qwilr templates
  • CRM Systems
  • Challenger Sales Methodology
  • Miller Heiman (Strategic Selling & LAMP)
  • Message creation for sales and marketing


Marissa earned a BA in Corporate Communications at Drexel University. She has also completed sales training through the Corporate Executive Board and Miller Heiman.

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