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The ultimate guide to creating modern sales proposals

Actionable insights on language, content, design, and technology to improve your buyer experience

Do you know what to include in your proposals to ensure you win deals?

If not, then there's a chance you could be losing business.

In this guide, we'll show you what content to include and how to design it to ensure your proposals win deals.

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About The Authors

Mark Tanner

Mark Tanner

Mark Tanner is the COO and Co-Founder of Qwilr, and prior to that was in Sales at Google. He has produced hundreds (if not thousands) of proposals in his time selling at Google and Qwilr and has contributed his first-hand knowledge on what content you should put in your proposals to ensure they get accepted.

Dominic Sebastian

Dominic Sebastian

Dominic is the Head of Design at Qwilr. Beyond being in charge of Qwilr's look and feel, he has contributed to the design of hundreds of proposal templates for the company. He has contributed his experience what layout, design, colors, imagery, etc you should use to make sure your proposals close deals.