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Office Christmas Party Invitation Template

Make creating Office Christmas Party Invitations easy with this professionally designed Office Christmas Party Invitation Template by Qwilr. Outline all the details and allow guests to RSVP with a single click.

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Beautiful documents, made easy

Our Office Christmas Party Invitation Template makes creating inspiring communications easy. Every personalized Qwilr Page generates a URL that you can send directly to colleagues and guests or share across the web.

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Stay on brand

Set up your organisation’s fonts, colors, logos and more so that your Office Christmas Party Invitation Template matches your brand perfectly.

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Access thousands of high quality images, for free

Find the perfect imagery for your Office Christmas Party Invitation Template. Our library has thousands of high quality and free to use images.


Displays perfectly on every screen

Qwilr Pages generate URLs, which means you can share your Office Christmas Party Invitation Template across any device. Whether your audience wants to access your invitation on a desktop, tablet or mobile, you can rest easy knowing your Qwilr Page translates seamlessly across different platforms. Share your personalized Office Christmas Party Invitation across email, social media or directly with colleagues and guests.

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Under lock and key

Qwilr Pages are secure and protected. Add user authentication, view limits and time limits on your Office Christmas Party Invitation Template so that the invitation will only be seen by those you approve.

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Easy, no-fuss sharing

While you have the option of downloading your Office Christmas Party Invitation as a PDF, sharing it as a Qwilr Page URL means you don’t need to worry about file size, compression or formatting. Share your personalized report across email, messaging or directly with colleagues and guests.

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Save it and reuse it again

Streamline any future event planning by saving your Office Christmas Party Template so you can use it again.


Start a conversation

Add Live Chat to your Office Christmas Party Invitation Template so that guests can ask questions in real time.

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Built in notifications

Get notified via email or in your chat platform when people open your Office Christmas Party Invitation.

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One-click RSVP

Adding instant signoff to the end of your Office Christmas Party Invitation Template means that guests can RSVP instantly.

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Know when to follow up

With instant notifications and built-in analytics, you’ll know when and how your guests have viewed your Office Christmas Party Invitation, allowing you to confidently follow up.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of content can I add to my office Christmas party invitation?

Whether you want to include a video testimonial, include a spreadsheet, live chat or even embed your company’s whereabouts through Google Maps on your Christmas party invitation, Qwilr can support it.

How can I make my Christmas party invitation match my brand?

Qwilr’s built-in brand editor lets your company choose which elements you want to have displayed consistently for every sales document sent to prospects. Elements that you can standardize include fonts, brand colors, logo positions. With this, you can ensure consistent delivery and branding across the board.

Will my Christmas party invitation look good on mobile & tablet devices?

If you build your Christmas party invitation on Qwilr and send it to your prospect as a webpage, you can guarantee that your lead will be viewing an interactive & optimised invitation on any of their devices.

However, this is only if you share it as a webpage rather than downloading and sending the invitation as a static PDF.

How can I protect my Christmas party invitation?

Qwilr understands the importance of confidentiality and has, therefore, created several security features to help protect your team’s documents. Options such as requiring recipients to authenticate themselves through Google accounts and password protection, view limits and expiry dates are all parameters you can set to control and protect your sales documents.

How do I know when people view my Christmas party invitation?

All salespeople know that timing is essential when nurturing a sales prospect, which is why Qwilr sends you a notification once a lead has viewed your invitation, letting you time your follow-up email perfectly. You can choose to receive your notification via communication platforms like Slack or your CRM like SalesForce and more!

How do I see what content people engaged with in my Christmas party invitation?

Sending your Christmas party invitation as a webpage also means that you get detailed analytics that empower you to decide how to follow up with your prospect.

From when the prospect viewed your invitation to how long a lead has interacted with your invitation, Qwilr captures all this data to help you plan your follow-up calls and emails.”

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