Product Proposal Template

Showcase your innovations with Qwilr’s product proposal template. Embed videos, images, prototypes and more into your proposal, chat live from within the document and get instant acceptance and signoff.

Product Proposal Template
Paint the picture

Paint the picture

Embed videos inline, include full screen images or use InVision Prototypes to explore the details of your product proposal.

Bring everyone on the journey

Bring everyone on the journey

Embed project timelines, calendars, spreadsheets and forms right into your proposal so you can launch faster, stay on track and execute the product with full transparency.

Include interactive pricing

Include interactive pricing

Help your clients understand how much their project will cost and enable them to play around with pricing by including extra services, options or add-ons.

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Product Mini-Site

Share your product, concepts & ideas: in style.

Next Big Thing

The Problem Space.

Here you might include a description here of the kind of problem space you're product is looking to address. Perhaps describe the nature of the problem, or just tell a story that your audience, potential investors could relate to.

Simple Design.

Built To Impress

No doubt your product is super well designed. It allows your users to flow through the interface, be it physical or digital, with ease. This section might highlight some special aspects of the interface.


Pre-Order Pricing

Perhaps you'll include some pricing options for the product.


Tell us what you think of Proto?

You'll probably be looking some feedback on your product / idea from your audience, so why not drop in an email or telephone number where they can contact you - i.e.

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