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Marketing Assistant Job Description

Create an innovative Marketing Assistant Job Description using Qwilr's template and find the perfect marketing assistant. Embed application forms, team member images and videos of your workplace to attract the right applicants.

Make a visual statement

Make a visual statement

With a simple editor, creating beautiful job descriptions is easy. You can include powerful images and captivating videos to really showcase what you're capable of, the types of clients you work with and the team dynamics.

Make a visual statement

Embed forms

Allow applicants to apply directly on your Qwilr page by integrating with Typeform. Ask specific questions to potential marketing assistants to make the best ones stand out from the crowd.

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Use it over and over again

Save your personalized marketing assistant job description templates to streamline your future hiring efforts.


Know what works

Analytics allow you to see who has viewed your open positions, when, for how long and what content they engaged with so you can iterate and find the winning description.

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Smart and good looking

The responsive design means anyone can view your job description across any device, regardless of size or operating system with ease. Perfect for companies who pride themselves on hiring for diversity.

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Know when to follow-up

With notifications, you'll know when someone reads your job description so you can confidently follow-up and start a conversation with promising candidates.


Don't waste relevant data

Your standard website has metrics, but your job descriptions rarely capture vital information that can help shape your hiring process. Get deep insights that will help you recruit the best candidate.

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Easy, no-fuss sharing

While you have the option of downloading your job posting as a PDF, sharing it as a Qwilr Page URL means you don't need to worry about file size, compression or formatting. Share your URL easily across email or messaging.

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Talk it out

Add Live Chat to your job descriptions so that potential marketing assistants can ask you questions as they get their applications ready to send to you.

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