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Business Announcement Template

Use Qwilr's Business Announcement Template to tell your team about new employees coming on board. Share beautiful web pages across your internal and external channels to make important announcements noteworthy.

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As simple as it is elegant

Create your business announcements as easy-to-create web pages. Address your team personally, with scalable customization, and embed Google Sheets, Maps, and much more!

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Share news with flair

Qwilr's Business Announcement Templates are responsive across desktop, mobile, and tablet, made accessible via a simple URL as well as downloadable as a PDF.

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Seek feedback on your plans

Make your business announcements part of a two-way conversation. Embed a Google Form into your announcement to elicit valuable feedback from employees.


Save and re-use again

Keep all your communications about important announcements on Qwilr, and re-use content block, including images, videos, maps or forms to repurpose again. It’s a cinch.

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Plan for success

Announcing can sometimes be the first step in your communication plan. Use Qwilr thoughout the process to offer engaging updates and new details.

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Inspire people with imagery

Qwilr templates can bring your company culture to life by showing off your business’s images or videos, or simply use our royalty-free options.

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Qwilr templates can bring your company culture to life by showing off your business’s images or videos, or simply use our royalty-free options.

Qwilr templates can be created in minutes from our professionally crafted templates. Use our suggestions and add your own unique details to personalise it.


Gorgeous and easy

Break free from humdrum text emails and deliver your exciting relocation news with Qwilr. Beautiful, sleek and compelling.

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Maintain productivity

Keep the team engaged around your announcement by sharing updates through Qwilr templates, with easily embeddable surveys, forms, maps and video.

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Know when it's viewed

Email notifications alert you when your Business Announcement Template has been viewed, and detailed analytics can tell you how it was consumed.

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Built in analytics

Check how many people have read and engaged with your Business Announcement Template with deep analytics. Use this data to follow up and make real-world communication action plans as needed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make my business announcement template match my brand?

Qwilr’s proposal software features a brand editor that allows your team to add company branding assets to be used across all sales proposals sent out to leads.

With this editor, you can insert company colors, logos, fonts, images, allowing you to maintain consistent branding across all proposals while altering the necessary components and details for specific clients.

How do I see what content people engaged with in my business announcement template?

Sending your business announcement template with Qwilr doesn’t just allow you to create beautiful, responsive proposals, but Qwilr also provides your team with detailed data on how your prospect interacted with your proposal.

This includes which country they accessed the proposal from and how long they spent on the proposal, all of which will help guide your sales team on how to tailor your follow-up.

Can I add Live Chat to my business announcement template?

Yes! Qwilr works with all the major chat platforms so that you can answer questions while your sales prospects view your proposal.

This feature ensures targeted sales follow up and ultimately allows your team to get the contract signed faster.

Can I generate business announcement template from my CRM software?

Qwilr works with CRMs such as Salesforce and Hubspot so that when you have these integrations enabled, you can integrate and propagate the information you have about your lead directly into a proposal. And once your lead views your proposal, you’re able to set up notifications on how they interacted with your proposal on your CRM as well.

What kind of content can I add to my business announcement template?

You can add all sorts of content to your Qwilr sales proposals; whether that’s your portfolio or a Vimeo embed featuring a testimonial and case study, our proposals help you create a proposal that really hits home. One of our flagship features is our interactive pricing embeds, which lets clients add/remove service items and add-ons. This helps clearly convey your company’s service offerings and value proposition, all the while providing your lead with the optimal sales experience.

Why use Qwilr to create a business announcement template?

With optimizing sales processes reported as one of the top three challenges for sales teams, Qwilr seamlessly integrates into your team’s CRM system, increasing efficiency while minimising errors.

Qwilr does all of this though, without compromising the pitch. From case study embeds to interactive quoting on the proposal itself, Qwilr proposal software improves the sales experience for both your sales team and leads so that you can optimise your value message, close more deals, all the while minimising manual work and human error.

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