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Stepping up, and stepping in, to help those in need

Proposals, pitches, and quotes are some of the most common documents made with Qwilr. However, the benefits of beautiful design and dynamic content go beyond sales. Over the years, we’ve seen people use Qwilr for all kinds of different things. Really, Qwilr is useful anytime you want to create an immersive and personal experience that makes an impression.

Recently, Sand Creek Country Club did just that with a truly impactful effort. They raised a $40,000 fund for local employees furloughed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

This group’s creative use of Qwilr is admirable. More than that, we’re inspired by their actions to help their community. So, we’re sharing their story in the hopes it inspires you, too.  

The power of community

It all started when Sand Creek, a golf course and community country club, in Chesterton Indiana, had to shut down the majority of its operations due to the coronavirus pandemic. They were able to continue some operations. Things like offering curbside food to go, but it was far from being able to cover their expenses.  

To keep the business afloat, they made the difficult decision to furlough the majority of their staff. That’s when a few members of the course decided to step in. To help support the furloughed staff, Todd Kuta along with a member committee decided their best course of action was to set up a relief fund and ask current members to contribute. 

To raise funds, they knew they needed a way to not only communicate their message effectively but also engage their members. The timing was also very important. They needed the ability to create something quickly. Having used Qwilr in other ways before, it occurred to Candi Luciano, a friend and business partner of Todd’s, that it would meet all of these needs.

The group created a polished page and included engaging elements like videos, and member family and events images. Having those additional touches let them not only share the factual information but also helped them appeal to the emotional side of their project. 

Using a Qwilr Page also meant they could easily provide updates on their progress. Showing social proof that others were donating could act as a motivator for those who may have been on the fence about donating. It also meant that those affected could see the support of their community. 

A shining light

Though their effort is ongoing, to date they’ve raised nearly $40,000 from 120 members of the club, which is incredible. Even more incredible is that they’ve been able to donate money to 29 families. The donations helped make sure those affected had food on their tables and their bills covered. 

“Our fundraising campaign wouldn’t have raised this much without Qwilr and the personal message we were able to create,” Candi shared.

We consider ourselves lucky to have played some small role in their success, and are proud to have customers who would go to these lengths to help out others. We applaud Sand Creek Membership for their efforts and thank them for demonstrating what’s possible through the power of community and creativity. 

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