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  • Aaron Beashel

How to increase your event proposal’s acceptance rate with an interactive quote block

From venue hiring to catering, there’s a lot that goes into events.

It’s why event management can be a hard service to sell.

Prospective clients are often skeptical when presented with an event proposal – questioning whether or not the event will fall through perfectly.

There are just so many things for the client to consider all at once, making it very overwhelming for them.

That all changes with our interactive quote block.

Here’s how this powerful tool will help simplify your event proposal, letting you speak more clearly to your client and ultimately win their trust.

Pricing in Event Management 

From venue hire to catering, event pricing can get quite complicated. The last thing you want is to present a beautiful proposal outlining your event design and venue description – only for it to be overshadowed by a confusing pricing quote.

Many clients often get overwhelmed by an unstructured quote, leading them to doubt the perceived value of what they will actually receive. 

As an event planner, it’s your job to simplify your quote as much as possible. Simplifying your quote will help your client navigate through the many different prices and help them rationalize the estimated event cost. 

The Power of Interactive Pricing  

The most effective way of doing so is to categorise your prices into different sections. 

Thanks to our Quote block feature, this process has become that much easier.

The Quote Block features interactive pricing, where multiple sections can be created so that items can be divided into their respective categories. You can also choose to make these sections collapsible, simplifying the layout of your proposal and making your entire proposal easier to navigate for your clients. 

For example, you may use these sections to categorise your various services such as event planning, venue hire, catering and entertainment hire. Or if your use case is ticketing, you could categorise into different ticket packages such as Early Bird and VIP tickets.  


If you offer multiple levels of services or packages, your client may be unsure about which one to choose. By using multiple Quote sections to showcase these different offerings, you can clearly identify the differences between them to your clients.

Clients will have the ability to select and unselect sections and see the price of the quote update in real time, making for an interactive and engaging experience. 

Get the upsell

One of the major advantages of implementing an interactive pricing block in your proposals is that they can help you get the upsell.

All of the optional services that your business offers can be put on display and if one of these catches your client’s eye, they can add it to their quote directly on the page.

Your business may offer items that can be purchased in bulk — by enabling variable pricing, you can allow the customer to choose how many they would like to purchase and the discounts that they would receive at certain quantities.

Expressive Text Formatting 

As stated before, there’s a lot of different things that goes into a final event. This means that there is greater room for confusion. Do your a client a favor and present your quote block using some of the formatting tools mentioned below!


To help accentuate your sections, having titles in bold followed by a short caption can help brief your client on what the section will cover. 

Descriptive items 

Having a short description under the item can present the small details. Doing this may go a long way in helping your client rationalize the quote of the item or service.  

Using correct unit values

Regardless of what you are quoting costs for, there’s chances are you are probably going to have to use specific terms. Thanks to our interactive quote system, that can be done in just a few clicks. 

Adding text row

Adding a text row without price/item/unit is a great way to break up your sections into further subcategories. 


Ready to increase your acceptance rate?

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