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5 Outstanding Sales Voices to Follow on LinkedIn

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Guy Hall|Updated May 15, 2024
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In the world of sales, staying informed and inspired are central to success.

And where better to look for insightful and motivational content than LinkedIn, the go-to platform for industry experts to share their approaches, musings, and — if you’re lucky — spicy takes.

While there are a heap of fascinating folk on the platform, we’re compiled a roster of five of our favorite sales voices for you to check out, follow and, hopefully, learn from.

Key takeaways

  1. LinkedIn is a valuable platform for sales insights and motivation.
  2. Morgan J Ingram focuses on narrative storytelling and content creation in sales.
  3. Sarah Brazier combines fun and valuable insights in her posts.
  4. Patrick Trümpi shares his sales expertise in a humble and relatable manner.
  5. Nathan Clark simplifies complex sales concepts in his posts.
  6. Laura Guerra provides a mix of industry predictions, skill development, and demand generation insights.

So without further ado, and in no particular order, here are the experts:

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1. Morgan J Ingram

Having been named numerous times as a LinkedIn Top Sales Voice, it should come as no surprised that Morgan J Ingram was one of the first names that came to mind when putting this list together.

Ingram, founder and CEO of Ascension Media Productions, is a sales and marketing strategist, speaker and trainer with a focus on narrative storytelling and content creation.

He provides a combination of practical, actionable advice and industry thought leadership — all delivered with a clear and concise approach.

We particularly love Ingram’s videos, where he breaks down sales tactics or trends into engaging and easily digestible snippets.

Ingram's focus is on empowering sales professionals to achieve their goals, making him a valuable asset in your LinkedIn network.

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2. Sarah Brazier

With over 63,000 followers, Sarah Brazier is a relatable sales expert who you should turn to for tips, tricks and — in her words — “lols”.

With experience in sales, social media marketing, event hosting and education, Sarah’s winning personality and pithy takes shine through in each of her posts, bringing both levity and learning to your feed.

A Gong alumni with an impressive track record, Brazier recently launched Dimmo — a platform that allows buyers to watch product demos without jumping into sales cycles.

Brazier's posting is both fun and filled with valuable insights, providing a reprieve from the common staid and “safe” approach to content that regular LinkedIn users may be all too familiar with.

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3. Patrick Trümpi

Patrick Trümpi, CRO of Taskbase, is a seasoned sales professional with a wealth of valuable expertise and a winning attitude.

Trümpi proudly presents himself as an executive who still picks up the phone and cold calls, despite having a sizeable team, because — as he puts it — “it is fun and rewarding”.

This is indicative of the clear love of sales that pervades his LinkedIn feed, where he provides advice, anecdotes and thought provoking content on a daily basis.

He shares his knowledge and experience in a humble and relatable manner, making him a valuable mentor in your LinkedIn network.

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4. Nathan Clark

Director of Revenue Enablement at UpGuard, Nathan Clark is a respected sales coach and consultant known for simplifying complex concepts.

His LinkedIn posts are a treasure trove of practical tips and strategies, backed by years of experience — including nearly five years spent working for LinkedIn itself.

Clark combines his sharp and succinct strategic insights with carefully curated content to ensure that he’s always providing value to those that find his feed.

With experience working in sales, customer experience and GTM strategy, Clark’s unique perspective allows him to speak across a range of subjects in a way that’s easy for his followers to incorporate into their daily routines.

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5. Laura Guerra

Recognized as one of Top Sales Leaders You Should Know in 2024 by The Sales Collective, Laura Guerra makes for a fantastic follow.

With deep experience in both sales and marketing, Guerra posts focus around everything from industry predictions to product market fit, and from skill development to demand generation.

Previously the VP of Growth for Pavilion, a global community for B2B go-to-market leaders, Guerra recently announced that she has joined Varicent as their Regional VP of Sales, West.

Guerra’s passion to her craft combines with her exemplary work ethic — and regular posting — to cultivate a feed that’s stacked with motivational and educational content.

Elevate your sales game

By following these outstanding sales professionals, and others like them, you gain access to a wealth of knowledge, insights and inspiration that can help you excel.

Whether you’re a seasoned sales leader or you’re just breaking into the industry, you’re sure to gain value from their diverse perspectives and varied voices.

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About the author

Guy Hall, Product Marketing Manager at Qwilr

Guy Hall|Product Marketing Manager at Qwilr

Guy works on product marketing at Qwilr – tackling things like positioning, messaging, sales enablement and more. Guy has a background in content and communications, and has worked across a variety of industries including tourism, telecoms and tech.

Frequently asked questions

Some top sales voices to follow on LinkedIn include Morgan J Ingram, Sarah Brazier, Patrick Trümpi, Nathan Clark, and Laura Guerra.

Morgan J Ingram is known for his focus on narrative storytelling and content creation in sales and marketing. He provides practical advice and industry thought leadership.

Sarah Brazier's LinkedIn posts are both fun and filled with valuable insights. She shares tips, tricks, and her experiences in sales, social media marketing, and event hosting.

Patrick Trümpi shares his sales knowledge and experience in a humble and relatable manner. He provides advice, anecdotes, and thought-provoking content on a daily basis.

Laura Guerra has deep experience in both sales and marketing. Her posts focus on industry predictions, product market fit, skill development, and demand generation.