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How to optimise your sales process to close more deals faster

Is your sales team closing enough deals to meet quota?

If not, it could be that there might be some flaws in your sales process.

In this webinar, we'll go through how to optimise each stage of your sales process. You'll learn:

  • How to increase the conversion rate of the initial lead to demo booked stage by 50%
  • How to conduct better product demos by using storytelling
  • How to quickly create and send beautiful proposals that get accepted
  • How to easily negotiate contracts and get the deal closed

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About The Speakers

Aaron Beashel

Aaron Beashel

Aaron Beashel is the Marketing Manager at Qwilr. He has previously helped other software companies such as InVision, Campaign Monitor & Xero to generate more leads, optimise the marketing & sales process and close more deals.

Tim Ansah

Tim Ansah

Tim Ansah is a Senior Sales Manager at RingCentral. He has 10+ years experience in Sales with a multitude of different companies and sales processes.