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Product polish: Block Library Sidebar and Block Controls

Updated Feb 21, 2021
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There’s always so much to do, and with the limited amount of time in our day, we’re constantly trying to make the most out of it. It goes without saying that we’re always trying to minimize the time we spend on menial tasks and maximize the amount of time spent on enjoyable activities.

This is important - we want the time you spend creating pages in Qwilr to be enjoyable, while also helping your team run with efficiency. With these two goals in mind, we've released some new features to help make building Qwilr pages more fast and fun.

Introducing: The Block Library Sidebar

The new Block Library Sidebar is accessible from within the editor — it houses all of your saved blocks and allows you to build Qwilr pages faster than ever before. Simply click and drag a saved block from the Sidebar to the desired area in your page to add it.

We’re hoping that this changes the way you build your Qwilr pages for the better — speeding up the page creation process, and feeling more like “play” rather than “work”.


  • Start building or add to your saved block library — revisit your existing Qwilr pages and save your favourite blocks to re-use, speeding up your page creation process and ensuring that you’re on brand across all of your documents.
  • Give your saved blocks a memorable name so your team can easily find it later on. Use the search function, or filter by block type to quickly find your saved blocks.

Block controls

We added new options to the block editing toolbar which allows you to move a block up and down, as well as clone a block in a single click. Shuffling around the blocks on your page is now super easy, allowing you to experiment with different structures for your proposals and presentations.

Cloning allows you to get started quickly on a new block that reuses styling and/or content from an existing block.

Folders drop-down menu

We’ve simplified the way you work with folders. Create, rename and delete folders easily using the new drop-down menu for folders.

Coming up

This is only the beginning of our plans for improving Qwilr this year. We’re going to be working on building new features and updating existing ones to continue to better your experience, so keep an eye out for future updates!

In the meantime, have a play around with these new features.