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  • Matt Russell

Introducing the Qwilr API: a first in smart document automation.

With Qwilr's API, every document can become an outstanding piece of collateral: on-brand and error-free, with web-based design polish, analytics and transactional powers. And - it happens at lightning speed because it's all running off an automated system.

This all changes with the launch of our API. You can now connect Qwilr to any CRM, ERP or database – no matter how old, or customized it is. This expands the integration possibilities beyond what we already offer for commercial CRMs like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Zapier.

Personalized documents can be automated with the API

Customers can now connect Qwilr to:

  • Custom-built CRMs or ERPs with highly complex and unique customer data fields
  • Sprawling datasets that need to be assembled from multiple sources
  • Legacy databases, CRMs, ERPs or systems that drive key business functions

PDF generation vs smart document automation

APIs have been used in the past by sales and operations teams to automatically generate PDF documents from their data. Qwilr is the first to bring this API automation to living web pages, or smart documents. Smart documents provide a superior user experience to PDFs: buyers are able to access them on any device, engage with interactive media such as videos and maps, and execute transactions such as e-signature and payments. This is next-generation document automation, a whole world away from the traditional PDF, word document or powerpoint file.

Our API powers large-scale document automation

During the Beta phase, we have been working with customers to automate hundreds of thousands of documents with our API. Popular use cases include the ability to:

  • Automatically create high-frequency documents, like proposals, quotes and contracts – straight from within a company’s data source.
  • Connect document events, like ‘Quote Accepted’, directly to your custom CRM, to trigger the next step in the buyer journey.
  • Combine multiple customer attachments that used to be created with a PDF generator (like contracts, quotes, invoices and forms) into one seamless, beautifully presented Qwilr page, for a better buyer experience.
  • Build structured, automated and personalized reports for an entire customer base.

Explore more use cases here.

Why do you need document automation?

By opening up Qwilr to your own systems and tools, you’re able to scale your document creation, getting more deals out the door. We’re excited about our customers being able to do this for two reasons:

1. Document automation = more closed deals

If a sales team has the power to automate their high frequency documents, like proposals, quotes, customer brochures and reports, it can drive a significant reduction in the time spent on mindless admin.

This is a priority in the minds of sales leaders, because only 28% of a sales reps’ time is actually spent selling (Forbes, 2020). Admin represents the biggest blocker to hitting quota and delivering real results to the business. And, with some of our customers sending over hundreds of documents per month, automating this process with our new API represents hours of selling time won back every week.

2. Smart documents are your competitive advantage

With the API, any document sent using data from your customer CRM or database can be upgraded from a simple PDF attachment to a smart document to enhance the buyer experience. This is a significant competitive advantage, when 89% of B2B customers say the buying experience is just as important to them as the products and services they’re considering (Salesforce, 2019).

You can now upgrade every document – even the tired old ones, like quarterly customer reports, purchasing agreements or business updates, and stand out from the competition.

Qwilr API, the next step in sales efficiency

We’re excited to bring this level of sales efficiency to all our customers today. Every document can become an outstanding piece of collateral: on-brand and error-free, with web-based design polish, analytics and transactional powers. And – it happens at lightning speed because it’s all running off an automated system.

We’re excited to show you around the Qwilr API. Register for our webinar in June, where we’ll take you through a live demo of the API. Of course, if you can’t wait for that, reach out today and we’ll take you on a personalized tour of this exciting new feature.

Start winning with Qwilr today

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