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Introducing our new Zoho integration with Qwilr!

Tania Clarke|Updated Nov 17, 2022
increase sales revenue with qwilr + zoho

Today we’re announcing a new integration with Zoho that brings Qwilr’s unique web capability, delightful buyer experience, and esign and payment capabilities right into Zoho CRM.

We’re excited to bring this new level of interactivity and automation to Zoho CRM customers. If Zoho CRM is your sales team’s tool of choice, adding Qwilr into the mix levels up your overall sales experience, and help you sell more, consistently.

Instead of fragmented buying experiences where buyers have to sift through endless emails and attachments to find what they need. Qwilr customers create an impressive web page that houses product information, value propositions, demos, ROI calculators, and the ability for buyers to sign and pay, without being sent yet another document, from another tool.

Within Qwilr, set up templates to use for quotes, onboarding plans, proposals and more, connect with Zoho and pull in personalized data directly from the Zoho CRM.

Every customer has a beautiful web page that feels uniquely personalized to them, and one they can show off to the rest of their company, effectively selling while you’re asleep.

Power your sales team with Qwilr + Zoho

Qwilr natively integrates with Zoho CRM to make the sales follow-up automated and consistent. Get personalized material in the hands of your buyers in just a few clicks, with a web experience that feels uniquely tailored to them. Qwilr for Zoho CRM provides a number of key features within Zoho CRM to:

  • Templates: sales reps choose from a list of pre-approved templates and in a few clicks a web document is generated and attached to a deal record.
  • Personalization: Qwilr documents pull in deal variables like company name, contact name, and more to personalize every document instantly.
  • Page insights: read the digital body language of your buyers and see what they’re interacting with. Tailor your follow-up email or conversation based on these insights.
  • Esignature and payments: get deals over the line and track who is yet to sign with Qwilr’s native esign feature. Jump on buyers who want to act now by providing the option to pay on the spot.

How to get access

Visit our marketplace listing, or sign up directly from Qwilr.

About the author

Tania Clarke, Head of Product Marketing

Tania Clarke|Head of Product Marketing

Tania heads up product marketing at Qwilr – looking after positioning, sales enablement, competitor intelligence and more. Tania brings experience from former roles at high growth startups like Atlassian and Safety Culture.