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  • Aaron Beashel

Overcoming the Sales vs. Marketing hurdle

I’ll be sharing our observations on sales and marketing teams, and some tips to help these teams evolve using Qwilr, including effective retargeting, better search engine discoverability, and a path to faster social sharing.

Short on time? Check out our two minute video summary:

Getting started

Aligning sales and marketing tactics

We all know businesses perform better when sales and marketing work together. At Qwilr we’ve seen how important it is to have alignment between these two disciplines. You want a group working towards shared goals, and for silos to be a thing of the past.

Except, it can be really hard to make it happen—and stick. You might be using a completely different set of tools, or have objectives and KPIs that are independent of one another.

But if you’re already using Qwilr, we have some good news. We’ve noticed more and more customers using us for marketing purposes, for things like case studies and newsletters, and looking deeper into analytics to track their proposals. And we decided to build a small set of features to make integrating sales and marketing a little easier. Our new marketing features can be used alongside your existing Qwilr Pages, to provide a bridge between your sales collateral and marketing tactics.

Retargeting ads

Recapture interest

Retargeting ads in Qwilr give you the power to recapture the attention of people who’ve viewed your Qwilr Pages, and bring them back when they’re ready to try your services.

Just like marketers retarget website visitors with ads around the web, you can run retargeting ads in the background to bring back leads who expressed interest in your sales collateral at the moment they’re ready to hear more about your services, or close the deal.

For most Qwilr users, sending proposals is the bread and butter of their sales process. But before you create your next Qwilr Page, make sure you set up retargeting ads to make sure you’re recapturing folks who view your page but don’t engage.

How do retargeting ads work?

1. Someone visits your Qwilr Page, whether it’s a proposal, case study, or service list.
2. They start seeing targeted ads around the web for your company. You can tailor this content so it’s relevant to the Qwilr Page you know they’ve already viewed.
3. Your ad has caught their attention. They revisit your the page you sent, and you’re a step closer to winning the job.

Retargeting ads work great for proposals, but they’re even more powerful when combined with brochures, case studies, newsletters, or pricing lists. These are the kinds of documents that are viewed by lots of people, giving you the opportunity to reengage with a larger group over time.
For now, we’re working with Google, Facebook, and Adroll retargeting platforms, with their retargeting campaigns starting from $1. If you’ve never set up an ad before, it’s pretty simple to get started and should take you around thirty minutes.

The steps:

1. Connect your site
2. Set up and publish a retargeting ad
3. Create an engaging Qwilr Page and share online
4. Give your ad a month to run and tweak for optimization

Learn more about setting up retargeting ads with Qwilr.

Search engine discoverability

Take advantage of search

Did you know Google processes an average of 40,000 search queries every second? This equates to over 3.5 billion searches every day. And we want to help you get some of those eyeballs!

If you’re creating marketing documents with Qwilr, you can now allow those pages to be discoverable by search engines, like Google and Bing. This means if someone’s searching for your services, product, conference, or event, they have the chance of coming across your Qwilr Page.

With a quick toggle, you can make your Qwilr Pages visible to search engines, allowing anyone to find your content through a simple Google search. Like always, you’ll be able to keep confidential docs completely private, and only toggle discoverability for the pages you choose.

Social sharing

Share directly from Qwilr

Qwilr Pages are URLs, which means you’ve always been able to email them, post them on your social media channels, or even add them to your email signature.

And now sharing to social is just that much easier in Qwilr. Publish posts directly to your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles straight from our sharing screen. You’ll be able to craft a different headline per channel to tailor this content to your exact audience for better reach and engagement.

Ready to build your marketing combo? Try out one of these features with your existing Qwilr pages, or get started with our new marketing templates, written and designed with industry best practises.

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