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  • Tania Clarke • Feb 16, 2022

New Feature: Personalize every proposal with Account Tokens

Introducing our latest feature: Account Tokens. Add personalization on the fly without the hassle of CRM fields.

At Qwilr, we believe personalizing sales material is key to delighting your buyers. But personalizing sales materials takes time – until now!

Buyers expect personalized materials

The decision-making process has evolved, and buyers expect more sophisticated sales materials to match. Personalization is a key selling differentiator and competitive advantage. As evidence, in a recent buyer experience report, 64% of survey respondents stated it’s important that sales materials are specific to them and their needs. Generic corporate brochures are out, and merely inserting a prospect name and company logo into communications is table stakes.

Even though we know it’s important, Qwilr customers tell us that personalizing proposals results in errors and inaccuracies that lead to embarrassing moments with buyers.

Today, we’re taking a big step forward in bringing a new level of personalization to every customer through the introduction of Account Tokens. Being able to personalize proposals shouldn’t require adding hundreds of new fields to your CRM, or even a CRM at all.

Introducing our latest feature: Account Tokens

Now you can make every proposal more personalized by adding Account Tokens that act as placeholders for text, videos, or images within templates. All without touching your CRM – or needing one.

Add personalization to every proposal with no CRM

Qwilr tokens remove the barrier to personalize proposals by adding placeholders within templates. These placeholders can be text fields, or widgets like images, videos, and Google maps. When a proposal is generated, the placeholders automatically fill in with data you’ve entered, removing the need to copy and paste it throughout the proposal. The addition of tokens provides the level of accuracy and ease usually reserved for teams with a CRM.

Ready to see how tokens work? Visit our help article to learn more. Or watch the video we put together.

What’s coming next in 2022?

The launch of Account Tokens is just one of many more exciting updates coming in early 2022. In the meantime, we hope today’s release makes personalizing every proposal smoother for your team.

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