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  • Sarah Frazier • Jul 22, 2021

5 Ways to make a good buyer experience even better

In this post: 5 Ways to Make a Good Buyer Experience Even Better on-demand webinar recording | Presentation deck from the webinar | 5 Takeaways for B2B sellers

Who doesn’t want a faster, simpler sales process? 

Accelerating deal closure is one area B2B buyers and sellers both agree— make the process easier and faster. Unfortunately, not all sellers are streamlining the purchasing process or incorporating buyer preferences along the way. Though your buyer experience might be good, survey data reveals buyers believe there’s room for improvement.

Actionable ideas for improving your buyer experience was the focus of conversation in our recent webinar, 5 Ways to Make a Good Buyer Experience Even Better. In case you missed the live event, we recorded the session for on-demand viewing at your convenience:

View the presentation deck

Highlights from our presentation

Using data and real-life examples, the five seller takeaways we shared included:

1. Responsiveness matters.

How quickly you respond to buyer inquiries and questions creates a perception of how responsive you will be post-sale.

What buyers said in our Buyer Experience Study

What sellers are currently doing, based on the live webinar poll responses:

Additional data reveals speed matters. 78% of B2B customers buy from the company that responds to their inquiry first.

2. Reduce unnecessary steps. Simplified processes accelerate the deal.

Too often, sales processes include “speed bumps” for motivated buyers, which slows closing the deal. 32% of buyers want a faster process, and conveniences that remove extra steps can help streamline the sale, specifically e-signature and self-serve payment options.

3. Personalize the experience.

64% of buyers want sales materials that are customized to their specific needs. Yet, the challenge for most sellers is time. Personalization can be time-consuming, but it needn’t be. Integrating your proposal software with your CRM enables you to create highly personalized sales proposals in minutes vs. hours.

4. Buyer empowerment is king.

Enabling the buyer to control product demos, pricing, and package customization removes the unproductive back-and-forth communications, and helps the buyer feel like the solution is right-sized for their specific use case. 

What buyers said in our Buyer Experience Study

Empower software buyers

How webinar participants responded to our live event poll:

What the data says:

The bottomline: see buyer-empowered pricing for yourself; schedule a 15-minute Qwilr demo.

5. Create a cohesive, stand-out experience.

How you present yourself and your brand either builds trust or gives competitors a foot in the door. Buyers are using the purchasing process, from outreach to discovery, proposal, pricing, and closing the deal, to form an opinion about what it might be like working with you. Use this time to your advantage!

A good buyer experience is cohesive throughout the sales cycle.


Our discussion was best summarized by my co-speaker, Arthur Castillo of Chili Piper, “If it’s not good for your buyer, it’s not good for your bottom line either.” Well said, Arthur. 

To hear more from our presentation, view the on-demand recording.

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