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  • Tania Clarke • Jun 27, 2022

Introducing: Qwilr’s new e-sign experience

Close a deal anywhere, anytime— even at the grocery store. “We signed a deal while in line at Trader Joe’s,” commented one Qwilr SaaS customer. Qwilr’s upgraded e-signature capabilities makes virtual deal acceptance simpler for you and your buyer.

Improved e-sign experience

Your offer is the most viewed section of your sales proposal. Capitalize on the momentum of buyer energy and excitement by including an option to accept and e-sign right then and there, whether your buyer is in the office, at home, or out shopping

While traditional e-signature processes entail sending the buyer a separate document to view,  sign, and return, Qwilr’s e-sign feature is embedded into your sales document, providing a direct way for your buyer to accept your terms, sign off on the deal, and even pay— whether it’s a deposit or payment in full.

We’ve expanded the flexibility of our e-signature capabilities even further with our latest feature release. With more e-signature set-up options, you’re sure to capture the information your organization needs to get the deal closed and aligned with internal legal preferences. Here are three ways to simplify the purchasing process for your buyer and accommodate the preferences of internal stakeholders.

One-click accept

Think of our original Accept block like a handshake: the buyer agrees to your offer, without the formalities of a signed contract. Quick, easy, done. Ideal especially for agencies who need to confirm changes to project scope.

Single signature e-sign

For deals that need to collect a more formal sign-off, use the single-signature electronic signature option to capture a legally-binding e-signature, embedded within your Qwilr page. Our original single signature experience prompted customers to sign in a pop-up. The new experience provides an easy way to accept your offer, without interrupting the buyer’s experience.

Multiple signature sign-off

With buyer groups and multiple deal signers becoming more common, it’s imperative to have an option for collecting several electronic signatures. With our update, it’s now clear which signatures have given approval and which you’re waiting on to close the deal. Each signature is also time-stamped with a downloadable audit trail.

Improved buyer experience

Accommodating personal preferences is central to creating enjoyable buyer experiences— and e-sign is no exception. With this feature release, we’ve added more flexibility to allow buyers to draw, type, or upload their signatures.

Finally, we’ve also added checkbox approvals for Terms & Conditions (T&C) so buyers know exactly what’s included, excluded, and expected. This is all completely editable, so you can customize your terms and conditions statement to suit your business. Start your customer relationship off on the right foot by ensuring everyone is on the same page!

Continuously improve your internal processes and simplify your sales experience by combining your pitch, pricing, and contract within a single Qwilr page. Your buyers will love the simpler approach and without a doubt, your internal teams will appreciate the legally compliant approvals. 

Qwilr electronic signatures are ESIGN , eIDAS, and UETA compliant. For more information, visit our Trust & Security page, our e-sign features page, help documentation, or if you’re not yet a Qwilr customer, request a demo now.

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