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Increase sales efficiency with the Qwilr / HubSpot integration

Pille Heido|Updated Sep 19, 2023

I don’t think there is a sales team that doesn’t care about sales efficiency or sales velocity in today’s world. If there are efficiency gains to be made in your sales process - why not? Who doesn’t want their sales team to be more productive and close deals faster?

That’s why the team at Qwilr is super excited (and honored) to be recognized as one of HubSpot's Essential Apps for Sales in 2023. We’ve long had a world-class integration with HubSpot, with over 2000+ accounts using Qwilr in HubSpot to produce standout proposals and other sales collateral in a few easy clicks; providing unique buyer insights that aid deal velocity; and unique features that enable a seamless buyer experience that closes deals faster.

With Qwilr and HubSpot, sales teams can cut through the noise by impressing buyers with interactive proposals, quotes, digital sales rooms and more. This solution saves teams time when coupled with HubSpot's powerful workflows and Qwilr's simple personalization options.

Let's delve into some of the benefits of this integration:

1. Save time by creating proposals fast with high personalization

Creating impressive proposals, and other sales collateral, in Qwilr is easy. Customers can utilize Qwilr’s extensive template library to get started, and a simple drag-and-drop editor enables quick content customization, with a range of easy-to-use design features like embedded video, interactive pricing, ROI calculators and a library of over 1 million free images.

When integrated with HubSpot, proposals, quotes and agreements are created in a few clicks straight from the CRM. Once a proposal is sent, it is automatically recorded in HubSpot (for improved CRM hygiene) with notifications when a prospect has viewed or accepted your proposal, all directly from within HubSpot.

2. Ensure accuracy with data pulled directly from HubSpot

The Qwilr/HubSpot integration means that you can be confident that your sales proposals and other materials are accurate every time. Important details like company name, address, pricing, product information and more can be dynamically pulled in from any deal, company or contact record, so your team never sends out incorrect information to a customer again.

3. Analytics support powerful workflows

Qwilr’s unique analytics capability means that you can track when a buyer has viewed a page, how long they’ve viewed it for, and more. When a Qwilr Page is viewed or accepted, you can trigger workflows for contact-based pages in HubSpot that automate your processes. This could be sending a reminder email, creating a HubSpot Deal, or notifying the sales team of an accepted proposal using HubSpot Workflows. We know that deal-based workflows have been hotly requested and we'll have some updates to our integration very soon in this area.

Learn more about the integration in this short video:

“This integration has saved each sales rep an average of 1 hour per deal closed. Since implementing Qwilr we have closed over 2,000 deals, saving us over 2,000 hours of time that we can invest in additional sales activities.”

Marc Gawith, Director of Business Development at Resi Media

Discover how Resi Media saved time and improved efficiencies in the sales process > read the case study

Tens of thousands of Qwilr pages are created in HubSpot every quarter - proposals, digital sales rooms, business cases, quotes and more - saving sales teams valuable hours that are spent finding new prospects and building more pipeline. We’re delighted to be part of the HubSpot ecosystem and excited about the integration functionality to come. Watch this space! 🚀

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Pille Heido, Product Marketing Manager

Pille Heido|Product Marketing Manager

Pille is a product marketing manager at Qwilr – bringing experience across GTM, product launches, sales enablement and competitive intelligence from roles at startups and late stage companies like HotDoc, UsabilityHub and RMIT.