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How Resi Media used Qwilr + HubSpot to grow their sales team





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51-200 employees

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As an end-to-end video distribution platform for live and OTT streaming, Resi Media enables companies to stream content at the highest possible quality— regardless of internet stability. Resi Media has eliminated typical buffering and quality degradation that users usually experience due to unstable internet connection, as well as the need for consumers to upgrade to more expensive internet plans offered by their provider. Naturally, Resi Media is on the rise and growing quickly, and therefore needs in-house software that is capable of keeping up with their pace.

“We were faced with the challenge of growing a sales team and figuring out how to give that sales team a tool that could make our quote process consistent across the board while delivering the type of quality consistent with our reputation for excellence,” explains Marc Gawith, Director of Business Development at Resi Media. “We were using a hodgepodge of solutions that looked unprofessional and lacked consistency.”

During their quest to find a native quote tool, Resi Media was on the lookout for software that gave them the ability to customize their quotes while creating a quality offer in line with the professionalism of the product they are offering. Their search was fruitless and frustrating, that is until they happened upon the Qwilr integration with HubSpot. According to Marc, the Qwilr integration was precisely the tool that they were looking for. “Qwilr has the fastest page load speed, looks amazing on mobile, and has the simplest e-signature process that met our legal requirements,” explained Gawith.

HubSpot, on the other hand, enabled them to centralize and enrich contact data and interact with potential customers all in the same place.

Saving time + minimizing miscommunication with the Qwilr HubSpot integration

All of the best integrations are designed with automation and saving precious time in mind, but only few actually achieve this goal. For Resi Media, the Qwilr integration not only saved their sales department valuable time, but also helped to minimize internal miscommunications and user delays.

“This integration has saved each sales rep an average of 1 hour per deal closed. Since implementing Qwilr we have closed over 2,000 deals, saving us over 2,000 hours of time that we can invest in additional sales activities.”

Marc Gawith, Director of Business Development at Resi Media

To date, Resi Media has used the Qwilr integration with HubSpot to:

  • Create, send, and track client quotes
  • Create custom and templated documents
  • Send agreements directly from the HubSpot CRM, in order to streamline the process
  • Automate their shipping and billing systems
  • Create internal and legal documents
  • Generate personalized and branded proposals without leaving HubSpot
  • Track document activity to keep projects on schedule

By using the Qwilr integration in HubSpot, Marc and his team were able to finally unite their cross-company brand messaging in an effort to show a completely unified front to customers. “Qwilr has given us the ability to unify our branding and message across the entire company to send quotes to customers of all shapes and sizes with a quality that is consistent with what we deliver in our own product,” says Marc.

But it's the automation provided by the integration that really allows Resi Media to take their sales efforts to the next level.

Dynamically personalize collateral with deal variables from HubSpot

“Qwilr has also allowed us to build automation into our onboarding, shipping, and billing systems so our customers are immediately receiving next steps after signing the quote,” explained Marc. “It has also helped us grow more revenue by allowing us to include product value such as demo videos and client testimonials right on the quote.”

Set up templates in Qwilr and automate page creation directly from HubSpot

Ultimately, the integration not only improved the lives of Resi Media’s sales representatives, but of their clients as well.

The option to choose from a selection of templates or to completely customize each document gives Marc and his team the power they need to consistently provide value to their clients. Without leaving the HubSpot CRM, users can choose from over 1,000 templates or start from scratch building their own proposals, quotes, and internal documents.

Benefits of using the Qwilr integration with HubSpot

Some of the benefits that Resi Media has reaped through use of the Qwilr integration with HubSpot include:

  • The ability to customize and create quality quotes that remain in-line with the quality of their product
  • Integrating their estimates directly into their other systems in order to minimize internal miscommunication
  • The opportunity to unify their brand messaging across their company and all customer interactions

“The Qwilr HubSpot integration helps us to stand out from our competitors and communicate to our customers that we value high quality and ease of use in all aspects of our business,” says Marc.

To begin scaling your sales operation with automated documentation workflows, get started with the Qwilr integration with HubSpot today.

For more on Resi Media and their live streaming and media management services, contact them at (800) 875-0696 or visit them online at Resi.io.