1. Clum Creative

Showcasing their work better than ever, Clum Creative has seen a triple in their revenue since using Qwilr.




Media Production

Company size

11-50 employees

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About Clum Creative

Clum Creative is a Cleveland-based media production company working with clients around the globe. Since their humble beginnings in 2011, the agency has grown to over 1 million dollars annually.

Their team of video producers and advertisers create creative communications to deliver lead generation to clients around the world.

Since the adoption of Qwilr, the team has increased revenue by 4x and shortened their sales process by 65%.

“My business has gone from 400k to $2 million since starting using Qwilr, and I give a lot of the credit to Qwilr.”

Mike Clum, Founder of Clum Creative

Shortening the sales cycle

Starting off as a small one-man band, Founder Mike Clum started using Qwilr after battling with the company’s traditional offline sales cycle. This 12-step cycle hindered their speed in getting to potential clients ahead of the competition. As a video production company, their print-and-scan PDFs wouldn’t allow them to even showcase their previous work – something needed to be done.

Clum Creative needed to shorten their sales cycle and find a proposal tool that everyone in the company could use, agnostic of their design skills.

Proposals are reflective of your company’s brand, and Clum Creative needed to find a tool that would match their finesse.

Keeping everything online to showcase their work

Prior to Qwilr, the team had a long and cumbersome sales process. Between formatting, printing, scanning, signing, emailing and then having their clients print, scan and sign (and sometimes repeating the process if there was a change to the doc), Mike discovered Qwilr after a Google search.

The business has continued growing, and Qwilr has helped them scale along the way. The team now sends roughly 80 proposals a month, and each person is able to access their dashboard to send their proposal, view their project’s analytics, or make edits without waiting on their designer.

After adopting the Qwilr, they’ve streamlined their original 12-step sales cycle to four simple steps.

Seeing clear revenue results

Proposals are the crux of landing a deal, and by using Qwilr over the last four years, Clum Creative has shortened its sales cycle by 65%. The time they’ve saved is now put towards winning more work and then executing that work with care and precision.

And it’s paid off – the company’s revenue has quadrupled. And that's money you can take to the bank.

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