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How Essence of Email increased customer conversation rates with Qwilr




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11-50 employees

Xiaohui, founder of Essence of Email

In 2014, Xiaohui founded Essence of Email, a digital marketing agency that builds innovative email marketing programs to help eCommerce brands sell repeatedly. With inboxes becoming increasingly crowded and deliverability becoming harder, Xiaohui saw an opportunity to transform email into a high-performance and profitable marketing channel.

Delivering a clear brand message

It didn’t take long for clients to see that they needed Essence of Email’s help, but as the business grew, Xiaohui’s team became stretched between working on activities that were fundamental to growing the business and those that were just urgent.

“We were struggling to deliver a consistent brand message that clearly articulated the value we brought to our clients. Our client-facing documents were really limited in terms of their design. Our only options were to send out a quote in a standard email or attach a PDF converted from a slightly formatted word document. Either way, we didn’t have anything that looked proper and was a total standout."

Xiaohui, Founder of Essence of Email

As a digital marketing agency founded on providing technology-driven solutions, this was not on brand with what they represented.

“Our clients often worked with different systems, like Acrobat Reader or Apple Preview so when it came to accepting projects, we would waste time printing, signing and scanning contracts for clients”.

Xiaohui, Founder of Essence of Email

Recognising that Essence of Email’s inconsistent branding and less than optimal proposals could limit growth, Xiaohui knew that they would need to step up their client interaction in a way that was original, interesting and memorable.

Achieving brand consistency

After discovering Qwilr through a blog, Xiaohui was excited by the prospect of bringing together their branding, design and value proposition under a single umbrella to acquire new clients.

“Qwilr has brought consistency and structure to our sales workflow when it comes to creating proposals and on-boarding clients. We now have a library of dynamic templates set up with our brand colours and fonts to maintain consistency and can quickly fine-tune them as new leads come up. On a functional level, we really appreciate how Qwilr allows us to password protect and digitally sign our proposals to improve privacy and security with clients. Also, the ability to track page views on live proposals has helped us better focus our time and efforts on pursuing quality leads”.

Xiaohui, Founder of Essence of Email

But Essence of Email are not just using Qwilr to look good and speed up their sales acquisition process. Their Marketing team has been quick to follow Sales and now use the software to guide the creation of content on their website.

“Using Qwilr, the team has created captivating success stories that showcase real results and how we deliver value to our clients. The best part is that these webpages are incredibly easy to put together and don’t require any in-house design development to look awesome”.

Xiaohui, Founder of Essence of Email

Growing the business

Since rolling out Qwilr across the Sales and Marketing teams, Essence of Email has delivered higher quality messaging, greater brand direction and better customer conversation rates.

“Qwilr has made the job of creating professional looking proposals and content far easier for the average team member. We love that we can get this high production value without having to engage a team of professional designers."

Xiaohui, Founder of Essence of Email

Most importantly, Qwilr has had a direct impact on the amount of new business Essence of Email brings in and has helped contribute to the 76% year-on-year growth they’ve experienced over the past five years.

“The quality of our work has increased significantly as the process of sharing and receiving feedback on our Qwilr pages is far smoother on the web. The result is that we have landed more work, in less time, at a much lower cost”.

Xiaohui, Founder of Essence of Email

Xiaohui has a clear vision for the future of Essence of Email – to go deeper and broader into other eCommerce channels. And with Qwilr behind them, they now have the time and direction they need to focus on achieving their goals and growing the business.