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Transforming sales pitches into visuals that win work, with Qwilr




Advertising Services

Company size

11-50 employees

The Digital Reach team

Bringing a wealth of knowledge from his time at various start-ups and ad agencies, Ben Childs joined forces with high school friends, Andrew Seidman and Zach Mandelblatt, to found the Digital Reach Agency in 2011. As a full-service Internet Marketing company, they have a long pedigree in all things digital – SEO, AdWords and much more.

Standing out from the crowd

The founders’ long-standing friendship and mutual trust were the secret sauce that helped Digital Reach become the agency of choice for funded start-ups right through to global enterprises like CISCO. But with the need for internet marketing reaching fever pitch, Digital Reach had their work cut out when it came to making sure they stood out from the crowd.

“There is a real art to sales. Anyone in sales knows how hard it is to pitch everything you want in a short call or document. So it was easy for us to make the mistake of sending an overloaded, information-heavy proposal that didn’t quickly grab the client’s attention. When time was on our side, creating polished proposals in Word or Proposify was possible, but when we had to do this at scale to grow the business, the results turned out rather inconsistent. And although having a remote team has been the bedrock of our business, it was a challenge to ensure that everyone was working with all the tools and processes in the same way."

Ben Childs, Founder at Digital Reach

With the team having a clear vision of where they wanted to be in the future and the monthly revenue they needed to get there, Ben knew they would need to revamp their sales pitch to take a lead over their competitors.

The perfect pitch

As an avid listener of the Jason Swenk podcast, Ben came across an episode featuring Qwilr’s Co-Founder and CEO, Dylan Baskind. After hearing them talk about how Qwilr had helped businesses create awesome proposals, as well as save time, effort and frustration, it was a no-brainer for Ben to try out the software.

“Instead of overwhelming a client with a heavily-loaded document, we now use more visual media types to showcase our capabilities with greater depth, in a way that is interactive and memorable. We have built branded Qwilr pages for our larger clients with their own specific deliverables and supporting graphics, screenshots and videos that really build our business case. We love the integration with Slack. Whether I’m on my phone or laptop I get notified whenever a client views or accepts a proposal. These notifications give us a quick snapshot of how a customer is tracking and quickly help keep our remote team on the same page."

Ben Childs, Founder at Digital Reach

The more Ben used the software, the more aware he became of its ability to create engaging and valuable content for a whole range of different use cases.

“We were really late to the game when it came to creating customer case studies. When I needed some on short notice, I used Qwilr’s case study template to pull together 3 great pieces of content showcasing genuine customer successes. They were so quick and easy to do, I can’t imagine why we hadn’t jumped onto this earlier."

Ben Childs, Founder at Digital Reach

Winning more work

Since taking Jason Swenk’s advice on board in 2016, Digital Reach has transformed their sales pitch into a much more engaging and visual experience that has really caught the attention of prospects.

“I’ve seen clients so impressed by the standard and quality of the proposals we’ve sent them that they’ve actually introduced Qwilr to their own sales teams. Hearing that kind of feedback really affirms we made the right decision using the software. It’s been effortless for the team to learn how to use Qwilr and we can now tweak our sales templates in as little as 5 minutes. If there’s an opportunity for an up-sell, the team can just write it up, send it off and get the deal done quickly. I think of Qwilr as a combination of big proposal functionality, with really great transactional signing capabilities. We’ve had $50K proposals accepted at the click of a button with just a notification popping up on my phone moments later. No counter signing is needed. It’s that easy."

Ben Childs, Founder at Digital Reach

Overall, Qwilr has given Digital Reach the edge they need to stand out from the crowd and to hit their monthly revenue targets. As they push forward with their plans to expand into the branding space, Ben is eager to find new ways for Qwilr to help them get there.