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How TSL Media improved the quality of their proposals and reduced the time taken to create them




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Rowena Winkler, marketing manager at TSL

If there’s one skill that would serve you best over the last six months, it’s adaptability. We’ve seen so much of what we thought of as “normal life” get turned upside down. Our living rooms became conference rooms. Parents have been called to be part-time teachers. There’s a lot of moving parts these days, and the only hope to keep up is by being adaptable.

For TSL Marketing, adaptability is in their DNA. TSL Marketing was founded in 1999. It was the height of the dotcom boom, and there seemed to be a limitless amount of business. That bubble helped them build their early business. However, the boom didn’t last forever.

As we all know, the bubble burst and many didn’t make it through to the other side. But just as they’ve done in recent months, TSL adapted and overcame. They focused on continual learning, and a results-oriented approach. That along with a strong work ethic, and there’s almost nothing they can’t take on.

Recognizing the problem

When the pandemic first hit, there was so much uncertainty. For many of TSL’s customers and prospects, that meant getting more conservative with their cash and pushing the pause button on some projects.

One of TSL’s Sales Directors, Mike Stiriti, recalls, “We were seeing some hesitation from customers. Maybe there was an event budget that was shifted, or advertising dollars they decided to pull. People got a lot more cautious with what they were spending.”

Fewer projects, meant more competition. Previously, TSL was using a combination of PowerPoint and Microsoft Word for proposals to new, and current, customers. However, in an even more competitive landscape, being able to share your key differentiators effectively, and efficiently, is paramount.

With the tools they were using, they weren’t able to have everything together. They’d have a quote in one document, then their company story and testimonials in another. It made things cumbersome for the TSL team and a confusing, somewhat fractured experience for potential clients.

They knew they needed to update their approach to stand out in an increasingly competitive market and get their unique message through to buyers, and they wanted something that was a one-stop-shop. That’s when they discovered Qwilr.

Making a change

As many companies do, TSL already had some systems in place to manage customer accounts. They’re a HubSpot Platinum Agency. So, when they were on the hunt for a new solution, being able to connect with HubSpot was paramount.

“Being able to connect with HubSpot was a top priority for us.” said Rowena Winkler, a marketing manager at TSL. Connecting to HubSpot meant they could increase efficiency through automations, and make the sales process overall more agile.

They started in the HubSpot marketplace to look for compatible apps. “The explainer video for Qwilr was really useful and gave us a good idea of how the product worked...We reached out to the [Qwilr] team and they were really responsive and got us started on a trial right away.” said Rowena.

By using the HubSpot integration, TSL was able to connect to the system they already had in place seamlessly. They’re able to build and send proposals through Qwilr without ever leaving HubSpot. They also have the ability to automate proposal creation using contact, company, and deal records.

“Qwilr’s HubSpot integration is a huge time-saver, which is why it was a priority for us,” said Mike. When a deal closes, they’re even able to automatically update a deal in HubSpot using the integration once the terms are accepted, and the proposal is signed.

Making the connection

Once they got started with Qwilr, the difference was huge. Now they could include all parts of their presentation in one impressive document. “Now we can share our company story, the services we offer, and pricing all in one spot, which is great,” said Mike.

The change means less back-and-forth with prospects. Since they’re now able to share their whole story upfront, there’s no longer a need to send out multiple pieces of collateral. That saves them, and their prospects, time, which is a big win.

Qwilr also allowed them to ensure consistency across proposals and make sure that everything stayed on brand. On top of that, it’s way faster than putting together a PowerPoint, or some other type of collateral.

They teamed up with their in-house designers to create a template reps can use, and change as needed. It was quick work with Qwilr’s intuitive editor, easy brand setup, and library of images.

“There wasn’t much of a learning curve making the switch. Our team was able to pick it up pretty quickly. It’s a really user-friendly product,” said Mike.

Though they were initially using Qwilr for proposals, they now plan to send a Qwilr Page to every prospect. “I’m very excited by the first couple I’ve done,” said Mike.

Moving forward

TSL has consistently shown they’re able to take on any challenge that comes their way. By staying committed to their core values, and always focusing on results for themselves, and their clients, they’re well-positioned for continued success.

With the help of Qwilr, TSL continues their tradition of adaptability, finding new ways to connect with clients and continue moving their business forward through challenging times.

To learn more about how Qwilr can save your team time, improve buyer engagement, and close deals faster, book a call with our sales team.